Huawei Smartphones Will Be Upgraded To Harmony OS Next Year

Harmony OS

On September 10, at the Huawei 2020 Developers Conference, Huawei Consumer Business CEO Yu Chengdong said that Harmony 2.0 fully enables the full-scenario ecosystem and officially releases the Beta version for application developers. The mobile version will be released in December 2020. Also, he said that Huawei smartphones will be fully upgraded to Harmony OS next year.

In May 2018, Harmony 2.0 kernel was used for terminal TEE. Recently, Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s consumer business software department, talked about this in an interview. He said that from a purely technical point of view, Harmony System had already met the conditions for smartphones.

Harmony OS

However, it has not been used yet. On the one hand, it takes time to solve the application ecological problem. And on the other hand, they take into account the cooperative relationship with Google.

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He said that Huawei did not do Harmony because of sanctions. They had been working on it before. But the sanctions accelerated Huawei’s speed.

Some smartphone users will be able to upgrade the Harmony system in January and February next year. The initial upgrade will be verified for a few months. And then the upgrade will be fully released.

Previously, in an interview at the 2020 Developers Conference, Wang Chenglu said that ‘first of all, EMUI 11 is definitely the first model to get an upgraded Harmony OS.’ In other words, EMUI 11 carries many features of Harmony OS. And they are currently testing those features.

Wang Chenglu predicts that the EMUI 11 upgrade rate will reach 90% and the user scale will reach 200 million by then. He also said that in the past five years or so, the Huawei software team has basically replaced the core parts of the Android system.

What Products Will Run On Harmony OS?

It is worth noting that the enterprise search shows that Huawei has applied for a large number of Harmony-related trademarks. At the moment, it is awaiting for review.

The leaked screenshots also show that these registered trademarks include: HUAWEI HarmonyOS, HONOR HarmonyOS, HUAWEI ARK OS, Amon OS, HarmonyOS Linked, HarmonyOS Connected, AIRGlass, Home Mate, Hi City, Hi Lens, etc.

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