MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver goes official in China for $29

Xiaomi is well known for its smartphones, however, the company also has a ton of other products to offer. We’re not talking about mainstream products like PCs, Smart TVs, or wearables. We’re talking about products that are somewhat unconventional for a smartphone maker – Electric Shaver. The company has a set of interesting products under its MIJIA brand and today has unveiled a new MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver that comes with an affordable price tag of $199 Yuan (~$29). The device will go through the usual crowdfunding campaign and it will start at 10 am on September 30 while the actual shipments will start on October 14.


The MIJIA Braun Electric Shaver comes with Xiaomi’s philosophy of offering a modern look and useful features. It comes with a small body and portable form factor. It’s an efficient shaver featuring a German bionic knife net with a design that takes inspiration from dragonfly wings, known as German Seiko. According to the official specs sheet, the motor rotates at 7,200 pm. It also features independent floating double cutter heads that adapt to facial contours. It promises efficient shaving while also offers a comfortable experience.

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According to MIJIA, the device can last up to 40 minutes of continuous use. However, if you use it during 3-minute sessions per day, the battery will hold for up to 21 days. Thankfully, the company also provides a Quick Charge feature which ensures a full charge in 1 hour. However, with a charge of 5 minutes, you can power it to last a single shaving session. Moreover, the razor is waterproof so it can support dry and wet shaving. Also, cleaning it will not be a problematic task.

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The second MIJIA product to come in a few days

Interestingly enough, this is the second MIJIA product to be released in just a couple of days. On September 22, Xiaomi announced the MIJIA Pure Smart Humidifier and it currently carries a price of $29 or 229 Yuan on a crowdfunding campaign.

The Pure Smart Humidifier simulates the natural evaporation of water and tries to create a good environment with clean and fresh air. Xiaomi also developed a new type of water pump structure on the humidifier. It always maintains a full water absorption state and continuously evaporate and humidity the air.

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Pure Humidifier é o novo umidificador com dispersão  invisível - GizChina.it

The device brings an upper water injection design. Users can add water directly from the water injection port at the top. It can humidity the ambient for up to 19 hours at a time.


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