Google Nest Thermostat unveiled with Soli Presence sensor and $129 price tag

Google Nest Thermostat

Google is investing in the Internet of Things segment as one of the strongest providers of technology and smart solutions for this niche. Just recently, the company unveiled a set of new Nest products to fill its 2020 portfolio of smart home products. Now, the company is introducing a new Google Nest Thermostat that comes to fill the gap left in the market. It continues the company’s tradition of Nest Thermostats, but with a simpler approach. However, this does not necessarily mean that we’re talking about a dumb product. It comes with a set of interesting smart features and everything is enhanced thanks to the use of Soli technology for motion sensing.

Google Nest Thermostat a cheaper alternative with useful features

With the new Google Nest Thermostat, the search giant is implementing the Soli radar technology introduced last year with the Pixel 4. It allows the thermostat to easily detect when you’re standing in front of it. However, unlike smartphones featuring this technology, this device does not come with gesture-based controls. It may not be a great miss for some users, after all, air gestures are still somewhat based on gimmicks. Worth noting that there is a passive infrared sensor that could drive the gesture recognition forward. Perhaps, in the future, Google will enable gesture controls through a firmware update.

The new Nest Thermostat also features some interesting design changes. It makes use of a 49% recycled post-consumer plastic, there’s no rotating dial, something that has become very characteristic in the previous thermostat models. However, Google decided to go through the touch-sensitive strip rout this time around. The right side is home to this strip and users can interact with it to adjust the temperature. The new product also brings a mirrored finish with a crispy display that will show all the necessary information.

As aforementioned, this isn’t the most advanced Thermostat provided by Google. The company somewhat has reduced the smart capabilities to bring it to a more affordable price segment. The Nest Thermostat does not bring any kind of learning function. In other words, you’ll need to adjust it manually always that necessary. However, it still comes with a scheduling feature that allows you to easily program and optimize the device to save energy in certain times.

New $129 Nest Thermostat fully integrates w/ Google Home - 9to5Google

The wireless controls are there through the Google Home application and you can also use your voice via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to perform commands.

Pricing and Availability

Google is selling the new product for $129 and you can pre-order it right now. However, details about availability will be disclosed in the coming days.

Google Nest Thermostat

The new product comes in four distinct colorways – Snow, Charcoal, Sand, and Fog. Google is also selling a cool $14.99 Trim Kit. It is designed to cover any imperfections on the wall in perfectly matched Nest Thermostat colors.

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