Nokia signs a five year agreement with Google – migrate its IT infrastructure to Google Cloud

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According to reports, Nokia announced today that it has signed a five-year agreement with Google to migrate its IT infrastructure to Google Cloud. For Google, this marks another major company’s support for its cloud services. Ravi Parmasad, vice president of Nokia’s global IT infrastructure, said in an interview with the media that Nokia will abandon its inefficient data centers and servers in about 12 countries. These data centers and servers are accumulated through various acquisitions, including self-owned and leased.


However, Nokia and Google declined to disclose the financial terms of the transaction. Palmersad said: “Every few years, you have to invest in all these hardware. Now, we can break this cycle.”

As a former mobile phone production giant, Nokia is now focusing on building network equipment for the next generation of 5G wireless services. Currently, Nokia is competing with Ericsson and Huawei for the global 5G market share.

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Google Cloud Sales President Rob Enslin said: “We are making significant progress in the field of telecommunications”. Recently, Google and Vodafone, and other operators reached a cloud cooperation agreement.

In addition, Google recently reached a multi-year agreement with Renault to store manufacturing data for it. This is also Google’s first major industrial cloud transaction in France.

At the same time, Google’s business scope has surpassed the search and advertising market. It is now becoming one of the largest Internet infrastructure providers.


The US Government’s Antitrust Subcommittee recently stated that Google has created a huge monopoly empire. This includes favoring its own services and products and suppressing services from its competitors. The committee also claims that Google, an Alphabet subsidiary, uses its own services to suppress third-party competitors and dominate all markets from advertising to maps. The report also warns that Google’s growing cloud business and its acquisition plan for Fitbit may further strengthen this monopoly.

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The report concludes that Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook enjoy monopoly power. The committee also recommends that Congress amend the anti-monopoly law to force them to spin off some of their businesses and make acquisitions more difficult.

The report said: “The company that occupies an absolute dominant position in the field of general online search is Google. It accounts for 81% and 94% of general search queries on desktop computers and mobile devices in the U.S., respectively.”

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