Pakistan lifts TikTok’s ban – to control content with extreme punishment for violators

TikTok: This the Company's Official Statement Following the Ban

Chinese short video app, TikTok, has been at the hub of controversies over the past few months. The app is facing a ban in a couple of nations. The most talked-about ban it faces is that of the United States. We can safely say that TikTok now has a way around its potential ban in the U.S. From the looks of things, it will retain its business in America. Presently, there is another good news for TikTok. According to recent reports, TikTok’s ban in Pakistan has been lifted.

TikTok's ban

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) has resumed TikTok’s services under certain conditions. The government says that the platform promotes indecent/immoral content(s). Furthermore, it believes that these content(s) has a negative impact on society. Therefore, for TikTok’s ban in Pakistan to be lifted, there will be strict regulation of contents. 

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The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has been asking TikTok to prevent its platform from spreading illegal contentHowever, TikTok is unable to meet specific measures to prevent and delete illegal content. For this reason, the country had to ban TikTok until there is a satisfactory content monitoring mechanism. 

Pakistani TikTok users can not post indecent content

There has been continuous contact between the platform’s senior management and the government before and after the implementation of the ban. TikTok now guarantees to monitor content in accordance with social norms and Pakistani laws. TikTok also promises to ensure that it continues to ban users who upload illegal content. For users who choose to upload illegal content, you may have only one chance to do so. TikTok will use the most extreme punishment that it has for users. You post one wrong content and you may get a permanent ban as punishment. Of course, the total blockade from the app is the most extreme punishment that TikTok can give. 

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With all the assurances from TikTok, PTA, as a facilitator of users’ healthy digital experience on the Internet and the development of digital companies, decided to lift the ban.

However, the prerequisite for the restoration of TikTok services is to strictly abide by the rule. It simply states that the platform should not be an avenue for users to spread indecent content. Furthermore, TikTok does not meet the conditions, PTA will have to permanently block the TikTok application. If this happens, there will be no way back for the Chinese app. 

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