Sony PS5 DualSense controller supports Android and Windows system

ps5 dualsense

Sony recently released its latest gaming console, Sony PS5, and this device is currently on pre-sale. When you purchase the PlayStation 5, you will find a DualSense Controller in the box. This controller does not only come with a new design and features, it is also compatible with a host of devices. Before this device gets to the hands of users, Sony has sent some units to reviewers to get their take on the device. One of these reviewers, a YouTuber has released a video showing that the new controller works with Android and Windows systems.

According to the YouTuber, Austin Evans, there is only a handful of information that he can let out right now. However, what he has to say is quite interesting. There have been suspicions that the PS5 controller will support other systems. Well, the confirmation is here, it actually supports the Android and Windows system.

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It is also interesting that Austin actually used this controller to play a game through Microsoft’s xCloud service. Microsoft? This is PlayStation’s biggest competitor in the market. It supports some of its systems at least. You may be wondering if this device will work with the Xbox Series X. Well, it doesn’t work with Microsoft’s new console. Furthermore, the controller does not work with the PS4 even though the connection is successful.

The complete YouTube video is just over 11 minutes. However, if your interest is strictly on the DualSense compatibility with Android, then just move to 6:50. We can also see from the video that this device supports gaming on the Surface Laptop Go (Windows) and Pixel 5 (Android). However, Sony made sure that the box reads that this device is only compatible with the PlayStation 5.

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I think it will be more comforting to know that your new Sony PS5 controller works with other systems. Presently, the pre-sales of the PS5 is massive. Since the start of the pre-sale, this device has been selling out swiftly. In fact, it is hardly on the shelf for a few minutes. Nevertheless, the first official sale of this device will take place on November 12th. Of course, getting the PS5 on this day will be quite difficult. However, if you are just interested in the DualSense controller, it should be easier to get. This controller costs $70 and it comes with features like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Please note that these features do not work with the unofficially supported devices.

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