Due to hot sales, Apple iPhone 12 increased its order by 2 million units

iPhone 12

There have been a couple of complaints regarding the new iPhone 12 smartphone. Since its launch, there have been reports of its poor battery performance. However, these down points are not stopping customers from purchasing this phone. According to a new report, due to hot sales, Apple iPhone 12 has increased its order by 2 million units. The company is also optimistic about the shipments of Apple’s product lines next year.

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Since this generation of iPhone 12 is based on a combination of multiple models, 5G support, thinning and weight reduction, and replacement of existing models, Cinda Securities believes that Apple’s iPhone 12 sales are expected to exceed expectations. Cinda Securities predicts that Apple’s supply chain orders in the fourth quarter of this year will be between 80 million and 85 million, and sales in 2021 are expected to reach 230 – 240 million units.

The iPhone 11 shipped 75 million units in the fourth quarter of last year. Since only two of the Apple iPhone 12 series are on sale, and they arrived later than last year’s release date, consumer feedback is still unclear. The final sales volume needs further observation.

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Well-known YouTuber @CaptainGizmo previously counted the total sales of Apple’s smartphones. The results show that as of April this year, the current best-selling iPhone 6/6 Plus has delivered 222.4 million units, and currently holds the title of iPhone series sales. The iPhone 12 series has a long way to go.

iPhone 12 screen easily picks up scratches

According to a recent review, the super-ceramic display of the iPhone12 a drop resistance which is four times better. However, within a few days of the arrival of the first iPhone12 and 12 Pro phones, some users complained of scratches on the screen.

So what is going on here? The super-ceramic display glass material with an innovative crystal structure is highly resistant to drops. However, this display easily picks u a scratch?. According to Max Weinbach, the glass material is really soft which makes it resistant to drops. However, this also seems to make it vulnerable to scratches.

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MKBHD, a well-known YouTube digital channel, mentions this problem in his iPhone 12 review. According to him, after a few days, significant scratches are already on the display. MKBHD also mentioned that scratch resistance is often inversely proportional to shatterproof protection. The softer the glass, the less likely it is to break, but the easier it is to scratch. On the other hand, a hard display may be more resistant to scratches, but it is more fragile when dropped.

Despite the recent reviews, earlier reviews indicate different situations. According to MobileReviewsEh review on YouTubethe new iPhone 12 is more resistant to drops and scratches than the iPhone 11.

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