Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T With ToF Camera Announced

Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T

Today, Xiaomi eco-chain company released the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T. It is currently available for pre-order. The original price is 2,299 yuan ($343), and the pre-sale price is only 1999 yuan ($299).

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The new product can boast of sweeping, dragging and avoiding obstacles. It has a high unmanned level perception accuracy. As the manufacturer claims, it comes with a 5 times improvement in mapping accuracy, automatic division, and 3000Pa super suction power. Plus, the battery life has become 180 minutes. In fact, this is a flagship sweeping robot that is going to become another star in Xiaomi’s galaxy.

Mijia sweeping and dragging robot 1T

ToF Camera and Many Other Sensors On Mijia Sweeping and Dragging Robot 1T

Its front ToF camera and high-precision sensor work together to intelligently calculate the space. As you understand, this is vital for avoiding areas close to the height of the fuselage.

The Mijia sweeping robot 1T is applied to ToF 3D distance measurement and obstacle avoidance technology in the field of unmanned driving. It can quickly realize the distance measurement and obstacle avoidance through accurate calculation and intelligent perception.

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At the same time, thanks to the ToF sensor, the visual performance of VSLAM is further improved. Through the simulation of neural network algorithms, it can maintain dynamic surveys while traveling. Also, the route planning and map management are more intelligent and accurate.

Other Features

It uses a Japanese brand brushless motor. The latter has a 3000Pa strong suction power and supports 4-speed suction power adjustment. As we are dealing with a cleaning and mopping sweeping robot, it’s logical to see a 550ml large-capacity dust box and a water tank. The large-caliber suspension suction mouth closely fits the ground. Due to the 0.1mm ultra-dense fiber main brush and a clean double-layer filter, it provides a more detailed and efficient cleaning experience. As for the water tank, it has a 250mL capacity. The latter automatically controls the water volume during the whole process, and adjusts the water volume with 3 blocks. The water is evenly discharged and does not leak. It can be wet to drag the ground 160m by one time.

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The Mijia sweeping robot 1T has a built-in 5200mAh high-capacity battery. As said, the battery life is up to 180 minutes in the standard mode. This cleaner can scan a 240m super-large apartment at once.

Apart from the sensors mentioned above, this flagship vacuum cleaner comes with dual gyroscopes, optical flow sensors, cliffs and other sensors to assist positioning and sensing. So it not only can obtain more accurate and complete location information but also maintain the safety of the route.

Through the Mijia app, you can control the cleaning progress in real time on your smartphone. Plus, you can also remotely control and switch regularly. It supports voice control of Xiao Ai, and can be linked to other Mijia smart products.

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