LG will supply Apple with mini LED screens for the new iPad Pro

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According to a recent report, LG Display will supply Apple with mini-LED screens. The American manufacturer will use it for its new generation iPad Pro products. In addition, Samsung Electronics plans to release mini LED TVs in 2021, which brings business opportunities to mini LED suppliers.

iPad Pro with mini led screens

According to the news, this is the first time that Apple has introduced mini-LED backlight panels and first applied to iPad products, and then Apple will apply this technology to other products, including MacBook and iMac.

According to industry insiders, mini LED screens on tablets and TVs will become popular in 2021. However, their application in monitor screens will still maintain a negligible penetration rate (less than 1%).

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Mini LED screens are expensive

For suppliers of display, the high cost of mini LED panels prevents them from using such chips in their products. Of course, high-end display devices may use mini LED displays, but the proportion is extremely low.

Victor Chien, president of Acer’s digital display business, said that in daily application scenarios, monitors are different from laptops and tablets because the former are usually installed in the home or office, while the latter is portable.

Chien predicts that in the future mini-LEDs will become mainstream in displays of 27 inches and above. Currently, it only accounts for 10-15% of the display market. The price of mini-LED panels is several times the price of ordinary LCD panels. To this end, the development of mini-LED in the future will not be easy. It will require a lot of funds that most manufacturers will not be willing to spend.

Industry sources predict that 27-inch and 31-inch monitors will maintain double-digit sales growth in the coming months, and gaming monitors and display devices with high resolution and high refresh rate will continue to become the mainstream of the market.

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By 2020, the sales of gaming monitors will increase by more than 50%. With the rapid growth of gaming equipment, the overall average selling price of monitors will also increase by 6-9%.

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