Discounts for great 3D printers on Aliexpress


Significant portion of the world is still struggling with the pandemic and tons of people are spending extreme amounts of time home in lockdowns. And while you can dedicate your time to cooking and getting fat like yours truly, maybe it’s a better idea to rather get a bit creative. Hobbies like 3D printing are just perfect for that, because you can create a wide range of things. Frome decorations to home accessories or boardgame components. And for that you need the right tools so we have for you today some nice discounts for 3D printers from Aliexpress.

Let’s start with the models from the popular Creality brand. For example the cheapest Ender-3 or the more advanced Ender-3 or upgraded Ender-3 V2. All of them great DIY 3D printers with very solid specs, wide range of filament compatibility, touchscreen display and 220 * 220 * 250mm maximum print size. With the Singles Day looming around the corner the prices are quickly falling, but we have something extra. If you message the Aliexpress seller directly with “ender 3 155” or “ender 3 pro 180” messages, you will be able to get these for only $155 or $180 respectively, delivering from european warehouse.

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But if you are demanding a bit larger printing sizes, then you should consider the Artillery SWX1 model. Offering bigger 300 * 300 * 400mm maximum print size, color TFT touchscreen for easy controls and ultra quiet operation. Also it arrives 95% pre-assembled so all those people scared of the full DIY kit could manage it with ease too. And for Singles Day you can get it from various warehouse options just for $379.05. So check it out, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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