ZINGR – Local social app to find and connect with new friends nearby


There are various social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Badoo or Tinder to connect people for dating or otherwise . Most of these social or dating apps are free and allow you to share your photos, videos and communicate with people. But if you would like to connect tothe very  people nearby – Zingr social app is one of the best apps for you. This social network connects nearby people and helps you to follow what is happening around you.

How the social app Zingr works?

Zingr social network uses GPS to connect nearby people and to follow what is trending nearby. More user moves – more people nearby that he can discover. This is just a great app to share videos, photos, stories or your thoughts with local people. Zingr app can also help you to discover posts “For You“ by hashtags.

 For example, if you would like to find black people near you, just use #blackgirls, #blackman #blackpeople or similar tags to discover these people and their posts around you.

Zingr – the best app to meet people with similar interests?

Most of our friends are living nearby. Coronavirus pandemic has closed bars, cancelled most of events and now is much harder to meet new people . If you would like to find local people with similar interests and make new friends, Zingr is one of the best options. This app allows you not only to share content, but also to discover things you like nearby and meet people with the same hobbies. Share some positive content using things you like and you will cetainly find others with the same interests.

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Do you like biking, hiking or maybe you love pets? Nowadays social apps can help you to connect to exactly the same minded friends.

ZINGR is a great app to find  new friends or just meet people in your local community, who share your interests. This app is safe and many people use it for dating and meeting new people nearby. This is also a great idea to stop the spreading of coronavirus. Even during COVID-19, people from all over the world of course haven’t stopped dating and dating app market had increased by 10- 15%. So ZINGR social app can be a very good alternative to Tinder, Badoo, Bumble or some other popular dating apps, Safety first in the pandemic times.

The most popular ZINGR hashtags to connect new people

#Dating, #funny, #picoftheday #pets and other similar hashtags can be easily used to discover the exact things you like. The social app ZINGR allows you to discover not only the most popular worldwide keywords,  but also the local most popular tags used by people around you. This is an easy way to follow what is trending near you. For example, during the quarantine, #party keyword was replace by #homeparty and immediately trended on ZINGR. 

ZINGR CEO Kęstutis Gedaitis is convinced, that the #christmas hadstag will start trending soon too, because holidays are coming and even in our troubled times people want to share things with their close ones even online.

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