The World’s First 6G Test Satellite ‘Electronics University’ Successfully Launched

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At 11:19 on November 6, the Long March 6 carrier rocket was launched at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center and successfully sent 13 satellites into the predetermined orbit. Among these 13 satellites, there is one – “University of Electronic Science and Technology”. This is the world’s first 6G test satellite.

The World’s First 6G Satellite

‘University of Electronic Science and Technology Satellite’ (aka ‘Tianyan 05 Satellite’) comes our way from Chengdu Guoxing Aerospace Science and Technology Co., Ltd., University of Electronic Science and Technology of China and Beijing Weinaxingkong Technology Co., Ltd. Its mainly purpose is remote sensing observation of the ground. The spheres it focuses on are urban construction, agriculture and forestry disaster monitoring and other industries that need similar services. At the same time, it will test terahertz communication loads.

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The ‘Electronic Science and Technology University’ satellite weighs 70 kilograms and carries a terahertz satellite communication payload. It will establish a transceiver link and carry out terahertz load tests on the satellite platform. This will also become a global platform for terahertz communications in space application scenarios.

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Terahertz Communication And Its Advantages

Terahertz communication has the advantages of abundant spectrum resources, high transmission rate, and easy integration of communication perception. It has important application prospects in the field of terrestrial and space communication. It is one of the key technologies of the sixth generation of mobile communication (6G) in the world.

Professor Xu Yangsheng said that the world’s first 6G test satellite. It is the first technical verification of terahertz communication in the space application scenario. It marks a breakthrough in the exploration of terahertz space communication technology in China’s aerospace field.

The ‘Electronic Science and Technology University’ satellite has completed technical research in the core components of the terahertz frequency band and the terahertz communication system. This is especially true for the extremely strict constraints of space load. And it has solved technical problems such as miniaturization and low power consumption.

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