Smartphones will not be replaced in the 6G era – Vivo

Vivo recently held its “external communication” meeting which focuses on 6G development. Qin Fei, the dean of the Vivo Communication Research Institute, said that at the moment, Vivo has started 6G research. The company is currently researching some scenarios and key technologies. In Qin Fei’s view, mobile phones, AR/VR glasses, and robots are important products for building a digital life in the 6G era.


As far as robots are concerned, Qin Fei predicts that after 2030, multi-functional robots will replace the existing primary robots. Furthermore, there is room for updating and storing their smart capacities. There will be a significant advancement in other robot-related technologies.

As far as AR and VR technologies are concerned, Qin Fei believes that future glasses will be thinner and more comfortable. They will also have more connectivity with the brain-computer interface to accurately read the human brain.

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For smartphones, he believes that there will be no replacement for smartphones in the 6G era. The main reason is that the touch screen is very difficult to replace. The communication still needs a communication module to connect; computing power requires a computing unit, ARM core, and more. Everyone needs a smart information terminal as an entry to the digital world.

Vivo to develop 2C (To C) terminals in the 6G era

When talking about which field or type of group Vivo prefers in the 6G era, Qin Fei replied that the company will develop more 2C (To C) terminals in the future, and more applications will rely on upstream to provide corresponding business services and play a bridge. effect.

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When talking about the difference between 5G and 6G, Qin Fei says that 4G and 5G has a digital connection. However, 6G will strengthen the two and combine intelligent development to provide integrated services such as communication, computing, and storage. He also emphasized that 6G cannot simply be equal to 5G+AI technology. At this stage, these two technologies are independent of each other and will move towards integrated development in the future.

In the development of the 6G network, there will be a huge competition between the U.S and China. Since the beginning of last year, the U.S. president has stated his desire for America to be first in 6G. However, there is no American manufacturer among the major players in 5G. We have the likes of Nokia (Finland), Ericsson (Sweden), and Huawei (China).

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