MediaTek Launches Dimensity 700 Mid-Range 5G Chip

MediaTek Dimensity 700

On November 11, MediaTek released the Dimensity 700 SoC. It uses an octa-core CPU architecture, including two large Arm Cortex-A76 cores clocked at 2.2GHz. This chip also supports up to 64MP camera and night shot mode. The phones with this chip will support 90Hz screen refresh rate. In terms of communication, Dimensity 700 supports 5G dual carrier aggregation (2CC 5G-CA) and 5G dual card dual standby (DSDS).

MediaTek Dimensity 700 Parameters

The MediaTek Dimensity 700 uses a 7nm process technology. It aims to bring advanced 5G functions and experience to the mass market, positioning the entry-level MediaTek 5G chips. The launch of Dimensity 700 means that the price of 5G smartphones will be further dropped.

As said, the Dimensity 700 adopts an octa-core CPU architecture. Specifically it comes with 2 x 2.2GHz A76 + 6 x 2.0GHz A55. It integrates the Mali-G57MC2 950MHz GPU.

Features of Dimensity 700 include:

MediaTek 5G UltraSave power-saving technology: adopts advanced energy-saving technology to reduce 5G communication power consumption, thereby improving the battery life of the terminal. It includes intelligent detection of the network environment, OTA content recognition, BWP dynamic bandwidth control and C-DRX energy-saving management, etc. These technologies can intelligently manage the 5G connection of the terminal, realize energy saving and power saving, and bring users a longer 5G battery life.

90Hz screen refresh rate: supports high-definition resolution FHD+ display and high screen refresh rate, reduces animation, page scrolling, drag shadow and freeze of game screen, and brings smooth visual experience to end users.

Supports up to 64-megapixel camera and night shot enhancements: supports a 48-megapixel or 64-megapixel main camera sensor with AI depth of field, AI coloring and AI beauty functions. The integrated hardware-level image accelerator can achieve multi-frame noise reduction, even at night, users can take high-quality photos with low noise.

Compatible with a variety of voice assistants: supports Alibaba, Amazon, Baidu, Google, Tencent and other global voice assistants.

MediaTek’s Performance and Challenges

MediaTek started with counterfeit chips, is currently competing with Qualcomm in the 5G smartphone chip market. However, we should state that Qualcomm has more advantages in high-end chips niche, but has continued to ‘squeeze toothpaste’ in the low-end and mid-range niches. MediaTek took advantage of this year’s 4G switch to 5G time period, and successively launched a number of chip platforms for low-end to high-end smartphones. Since the beginning of this year, MediaTek has released Dimensity 700/720, 800/820, 1000/1000+ platforms. In addition, there are rumors that MediaTek will launch lower Dimensity 400 and 600 soon.

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At present, MediaTek’s chips (such as Dimensity 720) have already appeared on Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO models. But MediaTek products generally selected by mainstream smartphone manufacturers are still concentrated on low-end chips.

However, MediaTek has not given up coveting the flagship chip market. We have previously reported that MediaTek will also launch the Dimensity 2000 with a 5nm process in the second quarter of next year. This means that MediaTek, which has returned to 5G vision, will compete head-on with Qualcomm on the high-end battlefield.

In addition to the radical expansion of the chip product line covering the full price range, MediaTek may also conduct in-depth cooperation and customization with smartphone manufacturers including Xiaomi.

Due to the recognition of mainstream smartphone manufacturers again, the revenue data of MediaTek’s third financial report this year has improved. As the report shows, MediaTek’s revenue for the quarter was NT$97.275 billion (approximately $3.41 billion), a year-on-year increase of 44.7%; the net profit was NT$ 13.367 billion (approximately $0.47 billion), a year-on-year increase of 93.7%. The data all hit record highs.

MediaTek Chips Are Everywhere

MediaTek CEO Cai Lixing said that in terms of revenue, ‘MediaTek is already the fourth largest IC design company in the world, with an estimated R&D investment of more than $2.5 billion in 2020.’

Prior to this, MediaTek carried out a restructuring and was divided into three major sectors: wireless communications, smart devices, and smart homes. From the perspective of specific revenue, due to the growth of 5G smartphone shipments, the revenue share of MediaTek’s ‘smartphone and tablet’ business has increased this quarter, from 30% 35% last year to 43%-48 %. MediaTek estimates that 5G smartphones will more than double the annual growth rate in 2021.

MediaTek Dimensity 700

In addition to the smartphone platform, MediaTek also launched two chipsets for next-generation Chromebooks: 7nm MT8192 and 6nm MT8195. They are mainly used in smart displays, tablet computers and other smart device terminals.

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