Top 10 safest social apps. How high does ZINGR rank?


No platform is absolutely safe, if you are sharing your real information with strangers. You should never share your bank account number, private photos or videos and othe important private information under any circumstances. Yes, every social network tracks your daily life activities, but all these dating or social networks must comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and other policy requirements set by the government. But let’s check Top 10 of the current safest social apps, including the newcomer ZINGR. These social networks are on higher level of personal privacy and data security than rest of the pack.

Top 10 safest social networks and apps

  • 10. Facebook – The biggest, but maybe not the safest social app, if we talk about the user privacy. There are many articles about Facebook issues concerning it. And recently even the founder Mark Zuckerberg had some not so pleasant discussions with the US Senate commitee about it. 

  • 9. TikTok – The most downloaded viral videos app made by chinese company Bytedance also had some policy issues problem. This social app was accused by US President Donald Trump for sharing US users private data with Chinese government. He even banned it and now the case is in a court. TikTok was also banned in India or Pakistan for too much sexual content.

  • 8. Twitter – This social network also had some issues on policy, some of them are related with elections. This social app is loved by the politicians and most of them use it to share their thoughts with their followers. But not all of them meet the policy requirements. Some of that “Fake news” content can reach millions of people and may adversely affect them.

  • 7. Instagram – Another project by Facebook, Inc. This social app is loved by influencers and millions of people, who love to share their photos, stories or videos. But Instagram, just like Facebook, had some problems with selling political ads. That resulted in some major changes in the advertisement policy in September 2019.

  • 6. WhastApp – Yet another one fromFacebook, Inc. This communication app is extremely popular, but it shares your data with Facebook.  And with all the planned merging with the Messenger chat service and Instagram the privacy requests from this giant will only grow.

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  • 5. Reddit – We can name Reddit as one of the safest social apps available. This network doesn’t request your name, age or any other important details. There are no valid info about policy data issue problem, but still this app is just in Top 5 safest apps.  Just because this app may be not the beest one for teenagers or kids due to tons of adult content.

  • 4. ZINGR – This social app requests your GPS to connect with new people near you. ZINGR doesn`t need your real name, current exact location or to share your real photos. All people nearby are set to be in roughly 1km radius. But still there is a chance of meeting some problematic people in real life through the app, just like everywhere else. But ZINGR doesn’t have any data policy issues to date.


  • 3. Snapchat – Social app loved by teenagers. This app can be surely named as one of the safest apps, because it also doesn’t requests your data to share. But Snapchat needs to show you location, which isn’t very safe, because unlike ZINGR, Snapchat requests your exact location.

  • 2. Linkedin – One of the safest job searching applications. This social network is great to grow up your company in the whole community. And Linkedin  also doesn’t share your privacy data. This app is great for finding a job or connecting with business partners. Most of these people are authenticated, but you still shouldn’t blindly trust everyone.

  • 1. Youtube – The biggest video streaming app. This social network is owned by Google and it uses your location to show trending videos near you. But because you are using your Google account to connect to Youtube, you are safely protected by their massive safeguards.

How to stay safe on social media?

There are other many great and relatively safe social apps like Pinterest, Wechat, Tumblr and so on. Some of them request your location, some of them ask you to confirm your identity by phone or email. All these apps are global, but all these apps must comply with different privacy policies. So don’t allow them to share your unwanted private data. Be careful, always read and doublecheck that social network policy fine print before joining!

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