OPPO AR Glasses 2 will be revealed on November 17th

OPPO AR Glasses

The market of wearables is trending in 2020 thanks to a huge demand for smartwatches and TWS earphones. However, there is a particular niche in this segment that also attracts a lot of customers, the market of AR Glasses. In a bid to catch a slice of this market, Oppo is gearing up to launch a new OPPO AR Glasses 2 on November 17. The company will hold the 2020 OPPO Future Technology Conference in Shenzen. It’s an annual event where the giant reveals some of its latest technology advances. It also reveals and teases future technologies brought by its R&D team. Today the company published a teaser that suggests the arrival of the new AR gadget.

According to reports, OPPO will showcase an FDF full-dimensional portrait video technology at the event. Moreover, it will bring a full-link color management system and will reveal three concept products. Now, the company revealed via its Weibo account that the second generation of its AR glasses will be revealed at the Future Technology Conference. The teaser poster reveals that the new OPPO AR Glasses 2 will offer a comfortable experience for its users. It’s a lightweight product with two cameras in the corners of the two lenses. One of the cameras probably will be giving power to the AR system.

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The first generation was revealed last year with advanced technologies

The last Oppo Future Technology Conference happened in December 2019. During the event, the company announced its investment in the AR Glasses technology and showcased its first AR glass. The first generation of OPPO AR Glasses came with four lenses. We had a ToF lens used for distance measurements and an RGB lens for shooting object shapes and two fisheye lenses used for imaging. It’s a pretty advanced setup and we are curious to see what Oppo has in tow with the second generation.

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OPPO anuncia o AR Glasses, o visualizador do mundo da AR - GizChina.it

According to rumors, the new AR glass will come with depth sensors and spatial MIC arrays. It will make use of diffractive optical waveguide technology and will support voice interaction and 3D surround sound. The new wearable will also boast a microphone and physical buttons. It supports gestures and voice commands. What remains to be seen is if this product will be a concept or something that will be commercially available for customers.

The company’s CEO Chen Mingyong revealed that in the next three years, Oppo will invest over 50 billion Yuan in Research and Development. The company wants to keep the arrival of ground-breaking technologies like AR, big data, AI, 5G, and even 6G solutions.

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