2K 165Hz screen is the current trend for next-gen gaming laptops

Recently, Eluktronics launched a 2K 165Hz screen game notebook. Today, the manufacturer XMG also released a new Neo series of notebooks. The highlight of this new notebook is the 2K 165Hz screen. Presently, the current trend for gaming notebooks is 1080p 144Hz. Although the refresh rate of some gaming notebooks has hit 300Hz, the resolution is still 1080p. Furthermore, most 2K and 4K screen notebooks mostly have a 60Hz refresh rate. However, a 2K resolution screen with a high refresh rate screen may be the future direction of gaming notebooks. Interestingly, Eluktronics is already offering a few models integrating the new 1440p@165 Hz panels from BOE.

2K 165Hz screen

At the beginning of next year, AMD is expected to launch the Ryzen 5000 H processor, and NVIDIA will launch the RTX 30 series graphics card. The dual update of the CPU and GPU configuration will inject more performance into the next-generation gaming laptop. Therefore, the addition of a 2K high refresh screen is also expected. 

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1440p solution is way cheaper than 4K

With the current trend, we expect 1440p to become the standard resolution for gaming laptops. Eluktronic’s new 1440p@165 Hz panels from BOE are only $50 more expensive to produce than the usual 1080p displays. According to reports, this display offers 78% more screen real estate with low latency and a good color gamut. Nevertheless, like every good thing, it has its downsides. The most notable downside is the need for powerful mobile GPUs like the Nvidia RTX 2070.

This year, we saw the introduction of a couple of flagship 4K displays (both OLEDs and LCDs). This is a significant improvement from the regular 1080p screens. Well, to own one of these 4K panels, you may have to spend $400-500 more. To get a cheaper option, there is the 1440p standard which is mostly used in desktop systems presently. These 1440p laptops with 165Hz displays cost only $50 more than the 1080p variants.

Industry insider, Dave Lee, believes that 1440p screens would be the new standard for gaming laptops over the next few years. We can already see the new shift with the latest gaming laptop from Eluktronics. Although laptop OEMs seem to be ignoring the 1440p standard, directly jumping from 1080p to 4K does not make sense. This is quite unreasonable, especially for small laptop screens. Also, you will instantly feel the impact on battery life and price.

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