Huawei announces €30,000 prize pool for Indie Game developers publishing on AppGallery


Huawei still is taking damage from the US ban charge against its hardware and software fronts. The company no longer has a chipset division and needs to rely on third-party partners to keep shipping smartphones. When it comes to the software, the brand can freely use Android AOSP since it’s based on Linux, an open-source software. Huawei has its EMUI running atop, but obviously, can’t ship any of Google Applications which includes Google Play Store. Since the last year, the company has been working hard to deliver a solid competitor in the form of AppGallery. However, it still lacks in comparison to Google’s Store. The company now announced a new €30,000 prize pool for Indie developers that decided to publish their games on the AppGallery.

The new special funding program is in partnership with Unity. The included perks bring revenue share, VIP support, prizes, and more. The main objective of the new program is to attract Indie Game Developers. This is a segment that is growing exponentially every year among all the gaming segments of the industry. If you’re unaware, the India community stands for independent developers working on a project or from an Individual / Small group. They don’t have the same resources and workforce as other companies, but still, provide entertaining experiences and high-quality games.

Huawei AppGallery launches a special funding program for games - Huawei  Update

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Huawei knows that one of the biggest problems faced by Indie development is the lack of resources to make ideas or concepts a reality. Hence, the company’s funding program can attract more developers for the AppGallery. A special incentive will be provided for Games published on AppGallery between November 19 and December 14 through the Unity Distribution Portal (UDP). For those unaware, UDP helps developers by distributing games to multiple app stores which includes AppGallery.

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The new funding program comes with a plethora of benefits for Indie devs. The highest, of course, is the €30,000 prize pool for the 30 chosen games. You can have a better look at the benefits of the special program below:

List of Benefits for Indie Game Developers publishing on Huawei AppGallery

  • 85% IAP(In-App-Purchases) revenue share for game developers for the first 2 years. Usually, it is 70% for AppGallery Developers
  • VIP technical support and store spotlight.
  • Top indie games will also be featured on a special ‘Indie Game’ slot on the AppGallery store.
  • 30 indie games chosen will receive Huawei Ad Platform credit worth €1,000. And an account manager to set up the acquisition campaign.

This stands as one of the best initiates to expand the AppGallery platform of Huawei. However, this is only a part of all initiatives the company has been bringing to improve and attract developers. The platform gained steam after the US ban and currently sits as the third-largest store after Apple and Google counterparts. AppGallery reached 170+ countries, has 700 million users worldwide, and around 400 million monthly active users.

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