Windows 10X will wake up instantly due to the new modern standby mode

Windows 10X

Microsoft is working on a new version of Windows 10 called Windows 10X. The operating system was due to launch this year, but the company delayed the release and made several changes to its original plans.

Windows 10X will wake up instantly due to the new modern standby mode

Now, Windows 10X will be officially available in the second quarter of next year. A few months before the launch, details about the operating system surfaced. It is reported that Windows 10X will receive “Modern Standby mode”.

Most Windows laptops nowadays take a while to wake up from sleep mode. Thanks to the Modern Standby mode, the system will resume operation instantly, immediately after opening the laptop lid.

Another addition is the always-on feature, which will allow apps to run in the background even while sleeping. This will be useful for applications such as email, allowing you to receive email messages in the background. Most Windows Store apps will be compatible with this feature.

Several other features and improvements will be available in the upcoming Windows 10X, including a new File Explorer.

Windows 10X

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Windows 10X is ready for low-cost computers

According to a source, Microsoft has finalized Windows 10X; which is a completely new version of Windows 10 for low-cost laptops; competitors of mobile computers running Chrome OS. Microsoft has completed internal work on Windows 10X Build 202XX; and is ready to release it in Release to Manufacturers (RTM).

Recall that initially Windows 10X was supposed to come out with a dual-screen Surface Neo; but later the strategy was adjusted, and in the current version it is intended for ordinary laptops with a number of limitations (remember that we are talking about budget models with small amounts of memory).

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Despite the fact that Windows 10X is already ready, laptops running it will only appear on sale in the spring. Tentatively, in April. Microsoft is not going to distribute Windows 10X as a free downloadable firmware, so ordinary users will not be able to install it on their PCs just like that; at least until the system image transferred from the system partition of one of the laptops with this OS appears.

Windows 10X is a lightweight version of Windows 10 with unified drivers, no initial support for Win32 apps, and a simplified Start menu (no tiles). Another innovation in the Windows 10X interface is the rounded corners of the windows. If in Windows 10X this innovation has already been implemented, then in regular Windows 10 it, apparently, will appear only in about a year.

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