Samsung Galaxy S21 to remove the MicroSD card slot – some markets will have a charger

There is a new trend in the smartphone industry that many manufacturers may follow. This is releasing a smartphone without a charger which was started by Apple. After the iPhone 12 series, the Xiaomi Mi 11 series also comes without a charger. However, that will not be the only intentional omissions from smartphones. According to recent reports, the Samsung Galaxy S21 will not come with a micro SD card slot. In addition, some markets will include chargers , and other markets will not include chargers with their packaging.

Samsung Galaxy S21

The Samsung Galaxy S series usually comes with microSD expansion card slots. The Galaxy S20 phones currently on the market use a SIM+micro SD hybrid card slot. You can choose to install two SIM cards or one SIM card + one micro SD card. However, most of the current flagship Android phones have cancelled the option of microSD card slot. This is because its performance and reliability are far behind the UFS flash memory built into the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21

From previous speculations, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series has multiple configurations for different regions. There are reports that in some countries and regions, it will still retain the SIM+microSD hybrid card slot. Following Apple and Xiaomi, the Galaxy S21 will not come with a charger in the box at least in some markets. There is a report that the U.K. version of the Galaxy S21 series will not have a charger in the box. This means that the Galaxy S21 series will be similar to the iPhone 12 series with only Type-C data cable in the box.

Samsung Galaxy S21 series officially commence pre-orders

Recently, the Samsung Galaxy S21 series officially commenced pre-orders in China. According to the company, this device will be released on January 14th next year. It is worth mentioning that each user can only participate in this event once. The pre-orders look at ID card number, mobile phone number, and device number (IMEI, MEID, serial number, MAC address, etc). It also considers WeChat ID and Alipay account. If any of these numbers or accounts are the same, it will not approve the pre-order twice. Potential buyers should also take note of the following points

Samsung Galaxy S21 series

  • Users who make advance reservations in mainland China in 2021 and apply for discounts will receive a lucky draw.
  • The draw will be between 21 random pre-orders
  • The exact lottery rules will be official at the launch of the new product in China.
  • Only pay 100 yuan ($15) to make an appointment through the “Samsung Member Club”. You can also use your WeChat service account and scan the unique QR code of the store within the advance reservation period.
  • Advance reservation users will participate in trade-in when they purchase this phone in mainland China.
  • Samsung will increase the value of the old participating phone by 10% looking at its actual valuation. However, the maximum price increase will be 500 yuan ($76).
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