Realme X9 teased with a super thin profile

Despite the casualties in the smartphone market during the last year in light of the COVID-19 crisis, some brands achieved positive results. Realme, for instance, has kept its race to become of the leading smartphone makers in the market. The company introduced important devices last year and brought important technologies like high-refresh-rate displays and fast-charging to the mid-range segment. Now, the company is gearing to launch the first 2021 smartphones. Among them, we have a flagship that for now goes by “Realme Race” codename. The company will also unleash its new Realme X smartphones. Instead of the Realme X8 series, they are coming with the Realme X9 moniker.

Realme X9

Today, the brand’s CEO in India and Europe, Madhav Sheth, shared a photo on his Twitter. It reveals the slim profile of the upcoming Realme X9. According to the image, the new smartphone will be as thick as six credit cards, stacked on top of each other. This brings me back some memories from 2014 when companies were running to see which one would deliver the thinnest of the smartphones. Oppo was one of the leading firms in this race with the Oppo R5. The mid-range smartphone was only 4.85mm thick.

Oppo R5
Oppo R5 – The World’s thinnest phone with 4.85mm thickness

However, this came at a high cost as the device had a super small 2,000mAh battery. This was small even for 2014 standards. This would be unacceptable today when brands are deploying devices with 5,000 and even 7,000mAh batteries. We just hope the Realme X9 is not sacrificing battery size and specifications to achieve its slim profile. Of course, Realme has made the 65W fast-charging a standard for its recent smartphones. So even if the device comes with a small battery, it can be charged in just a few minutes.

Realme X9

The handset will have Realme’s iconic gradient finish and “DARE TO LEAP” slogan

The image also shows a whole palette of colors that resemble the Realme X7 Pro “Iridescent” finish. This design philosophy is also present in the Realme V15. Another interesting detail in the leaked image is the comeback of Realme’s iconic “Dare to Leap” slogan in bold letters. As this proved to be a gorgeous design, we’re sure Realme will bring it on the upcoming promo materials.

Since the CEO isn’t shy in sharing images of the phone, we expect more details to pop out in the web very soon. With the launch of many 5G smartphones from Redmi, we expect Realme to answer soon with its own set of devices. Just like the Realme X7 and X7 Pro we believe that the Realme X9 will be exclusively made of 5G phones.

Thanks to the leaked images we can also spot a single speaker, a USB-C port, the microphone, and what seems to be a microSD card slot. The device does not seem to have a 3.5mm headphone jack. The company ditched the analog port on the Realme X7 series, so we don’t see many chances of seeing it again in the X9 series.

We don’t have a launch date for the handset but can expect it to come before the end of February.

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