Motorola air charging: charging multiple smartphones 1 meter away

Motorola air charging

Motorola has surprised its fans by the announcement of its own technology for charging smartphones over the air immediately after Xiaomi today unveiled the new next-generation wireless charging technology, Mi Air Charge.

Motorola has released a short video demonstrating its wireless charging technology over the air. The company uses a small millimeter-wave transmitter to provide directional charging in the 80-100cm range. The screenshot shows two smartphones charging at different distances from the transmitter.

The general manager of Lenovo’s China mobile phone business said the solution offers a much greater distance than the current Qi technology, while allowing multiple smartphones to be charged simultaneously.

In addition to being truly wireless charging over the air, which will be significantly more user-friendly, it also meets modern security requirements. The manufacturer has demonstrated that if a hand or other obstacle is placed between the smartphone and the transmitter, charging is interrupted.

For comparison: Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology enables wireless charging of various devices simultaneously at a distance of several meters.

Charge your phone from a distance with Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

The manufacturing industry is growing every day and technologies hit the market from time to time. Xiaomi just announced a  revolutionary innovation of wireless charging. The newly released Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology is a significant attempt to turn the whole house into a wireless charger. With this technology, you can charge your device anywhere you are in the home. Whether you are walking, gaming or sleeping, your device could be charging without a socket. You do not also need any cables or wireless charging stands. Announcing this technology on Twitter, the company said

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Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology

“We’re excited to bring you the remote charging technology – Mi Air Charge Technology! Charge multiple devices simultaneously while you’re gaming, walking around or even when something’s in the way, no strings attached. Another giant leap forward in wireless charging technology!”

How does this technology work?

This is probably the most important question that many people will ask. In fact, it is the first question I asked when I first saw the report. The company had to design a special charging pile that comes with five-phase in-built interference antennas. These antennas will detect the location of the smartphone. To get power to the phone, Xiaomi also includes a phase control array of 144 antennas. These other antennas can then transmit millimeter-wide waves via beamforming to the smartphone.

Furthermore, there is also a small antenna array with an in-built “beacon antenna” and “receiving antenna array”. While the former serves to broadcast the phone position information, the latter with 14 antennas convert millimeter-wave signal from the charging pile into electric energy. It does this via the rectifier circuit to make the charging solution complete.

Is this technology safe?

This is another very important question that many may ask. Well, we do not expect Xiaomi to say it is not safe so we look at its workability. For now, the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge Technology only outputs 5W. This is hardly enough to cause any harm over the short term. However, we can not tell the effect of exposure to such charges over the long term.

This technology supports charging multiple devices simultaneously. Each device will get 5W charging. According to the company, works over several meters. However, it did not give a specific distance range. It is important to note that physical obstacles do not reduce the charging efficiency. This technology works for only smartphones for now.

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