Apple may skip iPhone 13 completely due to superstition

iPhone 13

There have been questions regarding the name of Apple’s upcoming series. Will it be iPhone 13 series or iPhone 12S series? Analysts believe that Apple will skip the “iPhone 13” because the number “13” is spooky in many western cultures. Technology manufacturers do this from time to time. Remember that Qualcomm recently adopted the number “888” for its latest flagship because it is a lucky number in China.

iPhone 13

There are reports that Apple will rather settle for “iPhone 12s” instead of iPhone 13. Furthermore, “s” with a smartphone usually refers to an upgrade to the original digital version. Thus, Apple’s next flagship is the iPhone 12s, it will just be an upgrade of the iPhone 12.

According to Jon Prosser, Cook and Apple executives seem to be a little bit uncomfortable with the number 13, because of superstition. There are now claims that they may be forced to call this year’s flagship iPhone 12S.

In addition, the company may not be having an “iPhone 13” at all. It will completely skip the iPhone 13 and release iPhone 14 next year. Since the iPhone X in 2017, Apple has no longer used “S” as a mobile phone suffix. Historically, S often represents the same shape but a significant upgrade inside. According to rumors, iPhone 12S upgrade points will include a 120Hz LTPO display, new camera CMOS, smaller front notch (or no notch), etc.

As of now, it is difficult to conclude on this issue. We still have over six months before Apple releases this device in September and October. However, “13” is not a non-existent number in Apple’s product series. We have the Bionic A13 processor and even the 13-inch MacBook. So, there is a need for a little caution with the latest rumor.

iPhone 13 may re-introduce Touch ID

In recent times, there have been multiple reports regarding the return of the iPhone Touch ID. Many of these reports are from authoritative sources whose leaks are mostly correct.

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In mid-January 2020, Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, claims that Apple will introduce an under-screen fingerprint reader in its 2021 iPhones. This will give users an option to unlock the iPhone with either the fingerprint, Face ID, or passwords. For Apple, this addition is necessary in today’s world of regular mask-wearing. Of course, mask or not, many users like to use fingerprint recognition because it is very convenient. Mark Gurman also said that while fingerprint recognition returns, Apple will still retain the facial recognition function in the iPhone.

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Taking into account the accuracy of Mark Gurman’s previous releases, the return of the iPhone Touch ID is likely to be true.

In addition to Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal also confirmed this news in recent reports. According to its report, two anonymous former Apple employees claims that Apple is indeed developing an under-screen fingerprint technology. The company is also considering incorporating Touch ID and Face ID in the same device.

Apple is not a complete novice with the on-screen fingerprint technology. As early as 2014, Apple had related patents. A recent Apple patent showed that users can put their fingers anywhere on the screen to unlock.

Touch ID is back, but the Home button will eventually become history

Since 2018, Face ID has become the only option for biometric identification of the new iPhone. However, it turns out that although Face ID is excellent in security, many users still love Touch ID fingerprint recognition and in the context of the outbreak of the pandemic in 2020, Face ID also appears to be problematic when users wear masks. Many inconveniences make the convenience of Touch ID more prominent.

In this case, the combination of Touch ID and Face ID may be a solution that takes both security and convenience into consideration. Interestingly, in the Android camp, some flagship models have already adopted a combination of fingerprint recognition + face recognition, such as the Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

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  1. Ionut Voicu
    February 1, 2021

    Neah… they release iphone 12 series on 13th october, right on my birthday. 13 is not a freaky, spooky number, only for stupid people.