Microsoft Plans to Stop Support For the Old Version of Edge from April

Microsoft Edge

Last week, the media reported that Windows 10 may remove the old version of Edge from the fall. Microsoft made it clear on Friday that it is indeed removing Edge, but the time will be advanced to Patch Tuesday in April.

Microsoft will officially terminate support for the old version of Edge on March 9, 2021. And then Microsoft will remove this no longer supported browser in Windows 10 Patch Tuesday in April and replace it with Chromium-based Edge. Those who have already installed the new Edge will not install it again. Patch Tuesday in April will be released on April 13.

microsoft edge

Microsoft said that many enterprise terminals still use the kiosk mode of the old Edge. If these users want to continue to use the kiosk mode, users must install the new version of Chromium-based Edge before enabling the kiosk mode and installing Patch Tuesday in April. If you don’t install the new version of Chrome first, the kiosk mode service will be interrupted.

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Old Version Of Edge For Enterprise Users

For the enterprise users who use the kiosk mode, Microsoft recommends to start testing. However, Microsoft also predicts that the old and new versions of Edge will be compared in terms of features. At this time, the Edge 88 version still lacks some features. Most of the functions will be available in Edge 90 version. The goal is to be fully available in 91 version. Windows 1909 and above will provide assigned access support in kiosk mode when the preview version of Windows 10 comes in February. The new version of Edge at the beginning of March will integrate the device management function Intune to enable device configuration under the profile interface in kiosk mode.

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For testing, Microsoft recommends to use Edge 89 version. At this time, Edge 89 is a beta version, and it will enter the stable channel in early March. Microsoft also recommends that users establish a migration plan based on their needs.

If the enterprise will upgrade to Windows 10 20H2, the new version of Edge is included. So the old version of Edge will be hidden. At this time, the administrator needs to set the kiosk mode with the new version of Edge.

Microsoft also provides paid transfer services. Those who purchase a Windows 10 Enterprise Edition license plan for more than 150 people with paid seats can get free support. For website and application compatibility issues, Microsoft also provides paid App Assure support services.

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