How to Maintain iPhone Battery? A Couple Of Recommendations

iPhone battery

In the field of smartphones, it has been difficult for the iPhone to compete with many Android manufacturers to win the market and attract fans. And one of the directions, where Apple and Android OEMs fight is the battery and endurance. Under normal circumstances, how long can an iPhone be used? Before we dig in details, we want to tell a story. Have you ever given your old iPhone to your friends or relatives? If you did, then you should notice that they don’t repair them at all. And the only thing they do is the battery replacement. So this causes a fair question – is the most vulnerable part of an iPhone its battery?

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Many users even prove that they use their iPhones for three years without clearing the cache. At the same time, we should mention that Android phone requires clear the cache X times a day. Another very important reason is that Android security is not as good as that of iOS. In addition to the system, the hardware of the iPhone is also good. The iPhone is more drop-resistant that many Android phone. And at last, we don’t hear about many cases when an iPhone explodes. The same is not true about the Android phones.

iPhone battery

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Make Your iPhone Battery Run Longer

Well, let’s return to the iPhone battery. Checking the battery information regularly can only help us understand the battery’s wear and tear, and cannot extend the battery life for you. So what we should do to ensure a longer battery life on our iPhones?

  1. Avoid using irregular charging accessories
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Native is not necessarily the best, but native must be the safest. The same is true for charging accessories. During the charging process, it has a direct impact on the smartphone. The use of pirated or uncertified chargers and data cables will cause a certain degree or irreparable damage to the device.

  1. Pay attention to the temperature of the environment where the device is placed

Some of you may have encountered such a thing – in the cold winter, the iPhone will notify you that the temperature is too low to work properly. The battery of iPhone actually has certain requirements for the temperature of the operating environment. Its most ideal working environment is between 16°C and 22°C.

If your iPhone is operated in an environment above 35°C, the result may be permanent damage to the battery capacity. The so-called permanent damage is irreparable, and you may encounter the so-called “not fully charged” situation.

Using the iPhone in an extremely cold environment will only temporarily experience poor device performance and shortened battery life. But it will automatically recover when you return to the normal environment.

Therefore, when choosing to store our iPhone for a long time, we must not only choose a suitable environment, but also maintain its power.

Have you other recommendations?

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