iPhone 12 mini Production May Be Suspended: Do Small-sized Phones Have A Chance?

Previously, we have reported that many major manufacturers, including Apple want to be more active in the small-size flagship smartphones niche. Apart from the Cupertino-based company, Sony also announced its intentions on launching a new Compact series smartphone. However, this story may have a sad ending. It’s reported that Apple is going to suspend the iPhone 12 mini production. The reason may be the significant sales performance of the second iPhone SE, which came out earlier last year.

iPhone 12 mini

JPMorgan Chase Securities Technology Industry Analyst Yang Weilun pointed out in an analysis report that due to the lack of significant market demand, Apple has reduced the number of orders for the small-sized iPhone 12 mini. And it is more likely to stop production of this phone in the second quarter of this year.

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However, Apple’s current practice may first clear out the existing inventory, and then produce iPhone 12 mini as the case may be, rather than let this product enter the discontinuation stage. So the market will still maintain sales. But the key sales products will still be the iPhone 12 Pro series models.

iPhone 12 mini may be a bit out of time

The second iPhone SE came early last year, built on the iPhone 8. It only came with the A13 Bionic processor and the new main camera lens design. Apple announced the small-sized smartphone iPhone 12 mini along with the iPhone 12 last fall. Although the mini received a lot of attention and discussion when it was out, it failed to reflect the actual sales performance.

The second iPhone SE is only priced at $399, which is even lower than the first iPhone SE, but the hardware specifications are the same as the iPhone 11. So many small-size smartphone fans support the update. The iPhone 12 mini claims to use exactly the same design as the iPhone 12. The screen size is slightly smaller and the price is only $100.

At the same time, the price of the second iPhone SE is more than $300. In addition, many users who prefer small-size phones may replace the second iPhone SE when the second iPhone SE is out. Therefore, after the iPhone 12 mini came out, most of them will only participate in discussion and attention, but will not spend money to change the phone again.

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