iPhone 13 may not use a notch – a new report suggests

iPhone 13

The notch design has been around for over three years. Since the launch of the iPhone X back in 2017, Apple has used this design in every iPhone. In order to increase the screen ratio of the iPhone X as much as possible, Apple canceled the Home button and fingerprint recognition for the first time. As a replacement, it adopted the Face ID face recognition technology. For this reason, it had to open up an area at the top of the screen to place the front lens and other sensors for Face ID implementation. This is how the notch was born. However, as we are getting ready for the iPhone 13, Apple has a huge decision to make. 

iPhone 13 Pro notch

Unexpectedly, many users did not like the notch design. Nevertheless, this did not stop a plethora of Android manufacturers from using this design. Since then, we have seen the development of the waterdrop design as well as the punch-hole design.

Gizchina News of the week

The latest report claims that Apple is testing the iPhone 13 prototype without a notch internally. If the testing is a success, the iPhone 13 and subsequent iPhones may not use a notch. Well, with the pandemic which requires users to always wear a mask, there is really no need for Face ID technology anymore. This is because users cannot use the Face ID feature with a mask on.

Earlier reports claim that the iPhone 13 will likely use an on-screen fingerprint technology. This seems logical because, without the Face ID, the on-screen fingerprint sensor is the only alternative for biometric technology.

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However, if the iPhone 13 will not use a notch, what happens to the front camera? There is no indication that Apple has perfected the on-screen camera technology. There is also no report that it will either use a punch-hole or waterdrop screen design.

iPhone 13 or iPhone 12s – which will it be?

There have been questions regarding the name of Apple’s upcoming series. Will it be iPhone 13 series or iPhone 12s series? Analysts believe that Apple will skip the “iPhone 13” because the number “13” is spooky in many western cultures. Technology manufacturers do this from time to time. Remember that Qualcomm recently adopted the number “888” for its latest flagship because it is a lucky number in China. There are reports that Apple will rather settle for “iPhone 12s” instead of iPhone 13. Furthermore, “s” with a smartphone usually refers to an upgrade to the original digital version. Thus, Apple’s next flagship is the iPhone 12s, it will just be an upgrade of the iPhone 12.

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  1. CR45H 0V3RR1D3
    February 19, 2021

    I mean, this is ambitious at best. Under screen cameras aren't even readily available yet and now apple wants to stick facial recognition under there? Thia isn't gonna end well