Two discounted 3D printers, both for adults and kids

discounted 3D printers

3D printing as a hobby and creative past time is surely getting quite a surge of popularity recently. Thanks to the constantly falling prices of very advanced chinese models everybody can easily afford them and start the learning process. And that includes even children, because there are some very basic ones available in the market, just perfect for beginners. So today we want to offer two perfect choices of cheap discounted 3D printers from Aliexpress stock, one for adults and one for kids.

Let’s start with the adult one, which is the great Creality Ender-3 Max. It features some quite improved and advanced specs, including integrated structure, linear pulling system, dual cooling fans, all-metal extruder or carborundum glass platform. Or large maximum printing size 300x300x340mm, resume printing function or filament breakage detector. And of course a nice touchscreen for easy controls. It can be yours for just 281,42€, shipping from various European warehouses with a free wi-if box as a welcome gift.

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The kids version is of course much more simpler, but still the EasyThreed Mini model can offer quite a lot. Printing size is restricted to just 100x100x100mm, but the whole 3D printer is kept pretty small, light and portable. Easy operation is guaranteed with one key printing support, automatically choosing the latest file to print from inserted TF card. Detachable platform uses frosted panel for improved safety alongside the adapted power interface. So if your kids want to quickly learn the ways of 3D printing, this one is the perfect starting one. And it’s available for just 73,13€. So which one of discounted 3D printers will be your choice ?

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