Best Free Android Apps of February Week 3

best free Android apps

Smartphones, in general, are getting much more powerful with the inclusion of top-end chipsets that are competing laptops, insane camera capabilities, and whatnot. In fact, smartphone makers like Samsung are even trying to bring a PC-like experience on the go with services similar to Samsung DeX. While companies are trying hard to make smartphones a productive powerhouse, you can leverage the availability of millions of apps as well.

For those who’re unaware, Google Play Stare holds around 2.87 million apps under its library – that’s quite extensive. With the sheer number of apps available on the Play Store, it might be overwhelming to find the right one. Well, we’re here to save the day with our picks on the best free Android apps for this week.

Best Free Android Apps of February [Week 3]

If you’re looking to extract your devices’ true potential, then you might want to play around with all kinds of apps. To kickstart your journey, here’s the list of the best free Android apps that you can install right away on your Android smartphone.

01. Time Arrow

Time Arrow best free Android app    Time Arrow best free Android app

Time Arrow essentially works as an event reminder, count down and count up all packed in a single application. The app allows you to basically manage important days such as birthdays, anniversaries, bill repayments, and much more. Time Arrow helps you keep a track of important things in your life. It does that in a quite simple and minimal way thanks to a really cool user interface.

With Time Arrow, you can track things such as how much today, this week, this month, or this year has passed. Heck! you can even see how much your life has passed and for that, you’ll have to set an average life expectancy of course. There are presets of various reminders such as birthday, graduation, exams, salary day, rent, and whatnot. To top things off, you can even add your own custom reminders.

Time Arrow best free Android app   

Time Arrow is a free application that offers an in-app purchase for a complete set of tools. With that said, you should be fine with the free version.

02. Deepstash

Deepstash best free Android app       Deepstash best free Android app

You might already find a plethora of Android apps that scrape the internet to find the best pieces of content. Well, Deepstash takes things up a notch by personally curating the content. In an essence, Deepstash takes away key ideas from various articles and books and showcases them to the user. The app covers a wide range of topics including problem-solving, time management, money & investments, self-improvement, and many more.

By hardly spending 5 to 10 minutes on this app, you can learn some pretty cool and interesting things and start incorporating them into your lifestyle. Deepstash offers a very clean minimal user interface just the way we like. Everything is showcased in a nice boxed layout with a brief explanation to it.


What makes this app even better is its completely free nature along with no addition of annoying ads or popups.

03. Yoda: Learn via infographics

Yoda best free Android app       Yoda best free Android app

No! this app is not about the legendary Jedi master from Star Wars. Yoda, as the name suggests, leverages the power of infographics. It is still one of the most popular ways of showcasing content thanks to its effective and visually pleasing manner. Just like Deepstash, Yoda allows you to consume new topics or ideas in a very short time. While the app relies on the community for new content, all infographics are claimed to be fact-checked by the expert team.

Yoda covers a plethora of topics such as technology, marketing, history, science, business, geography, and whatnot. While the user interface is pretty good, it can be a bit more refined in our opinion. If you’re excited to learn new random things covering a bunch of niches, then Yoda might be the app you need.

  • Download Yoda: Learn via infographics from Play Store

04. Mark: Auto Screenshot Deleter

Mark screenshot best free Android app    Mark screenshot best free Android app

Taking screenshots might be one of the simplest and yet most used features of any smartphone. Well, Mark is an application that takes that feature and enhances it even further. You ask how? Well, it acts as an auto screenshot deleter meaning it deletes the screenshot automatically from your device after a set time. This is something that has already been implemented by Samsung in its One UI running devices. Mark tries to replicate that in a way but in a different manner.

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Once you take the screenshot, Mark will notify you with a Yes button. To delete the screenshot, all you need to do is tap it. Once tapped, Mark will auto-delete the screenshot as per the defined time. If you are bothered by the notification, you can also enable the “Auto clear option” that will cancel the notification after 40 seconds if left ignored.

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If you’re someone who takes a lot of screenshots and that eventually ends up hogging some substantial storage, then Mark is an application designed for you.

05. Delta Icon Pack

delta icon pack best free Android app   delta icon pack best free Android app

How can we not possibly talk about customization when it comes to Android smartphones. If you’re in the search for a new icon pack, then this might interest you. Delta icon pack offers a collection of unique icons with a slight desaturated tone i.e. pastel shades. The icon pack is absolutely stunning and if you’re a fan of pastel shades, then you’re in for a treat.

Delta icon pack features more than 2000 hand-designed icons, which is quite impressive. It also offers 102 associated wallpapers that will compliment your icon pack. To top things off, the developers keep on adding new icons to the already extensive list. It’s, without a doubt, that Delta is one of the most popular free icon pack out there.

06. Elegant Walls

elegant walls best free Android apps   elegant walls best free Android apps

Since we’re on the subject of personalization, let’s take about this new wallpaper app called Elegant Walls. Elegant Walls, as the name suggests, brings forth an awesome collection of simple and elegant wallpapers from all over the internet. The developers claim to offer up to 4K UHD resolution. Elegant Walls handpicks its wallpapers from numerous free sources such as,, and many more.

The app offers a simple and minimal user interface with just two tabs namely Explore and Collections. You can find your perfect wallpaper by exploring a bunch of pre-made collections such as AMOLED, Abstract, Space, Movies, Unsplash, and plenty others. If you’re looking to refresh your home screen, then you should definitely give this app a go.

  • Download Elegant Walls on your Android device for free from the Play Store

07. Dadish 2

Dadish 2 best free Android apps

Enough with all the apps, it’s now time to take a look at an Android game. A couple of days ago, we came across Dadish 2 and since then, it has become one of our favorite games to kill time. In Dadish 2, you take a role of a dad who is a radish, hence the name. Well, a “Bring Your Kids to Work Day” has gone astray so you’re now set to find your missing children.

Dadish 2 follows the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor. We’re now looking at 50 rad levels along with controller support. Moving to the dialogues, you’re going to find them funny just like with the first installment. All in all, Dadish 2 is a pretty solid fun platformer that you’re definitely going to enjoy.

08. Odd Bot Out

odd bot out best free Android apps

Odd Bot Out is yet another fun Android game that has a pretty catchy title. In the game, you need to help Odd escape from the robot factory. You’ll have to use various building blocks, physics, and electricity to escape from the factory. Yep! Odd is a robot but not the regular one, mind you. After failing standards, Odd ended up in a recycling bin. There are around 100 unique rooms meaning unique levels.

As expected, each new level will bring forth a new challenge to the gameplay experience. Odd Bot Out is a free game available on Android via Google Play Store. Of course, you will have to shell out a couple of bucks to enjoy the game without any annoying ads or popups.


Well, that’s it for this weekly edition of the best free Android apps. Today, we looked at two fun Android games, one wallpaper and one icon pack for your personalization need, along with four amazing apps that are going to help you churn out more from your smartphone.

Do let us know down below which Android app from the list you are excited to try out. If you have any new app suggestions for our fellow readers, you can always let us know by using the comment field below.

With that said, we’ll be back with more free Android apps next week so make sure to stay tuned.


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