Facebook Bars app will let you create 60-second rap videos over beats!

Facebook Bars

Facebook recently introduced ‘Hey Facebook’ wake word to its Portal devices and Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. Well, it looks like the social media giant is now working on a new app dubbed Bars. Facebook recently announced this new app that “empowers rappers to create and share”. As expected, the app is currently under beta testing and soon after, the company might bring it to the masses. Till then, here’s everything you need to know about Facebook’s Bars app.

Facebook Bars is a new app that allows you to rap over a beat!

Facebook Bars

The key idea behind Bars apps is the fact that it allows users to record 60-second rap videos. In this app, you can freestyle and showcase your rap skills over the provided beats. Facebook Bars will give you a variety of beats to choose from. Of course, you will be able to post your record rap videos within the app so that other users can see them. It would be interesting to see whether the brand will integrate it into its other social media apps such as Instagram.

For each posted video, viewers will be able to mark it as “fire” if they like your freestyle and of course, bars. Simply recording rap over a beat doesn’t sound interesting. To fix that, Facebook will also provide “studio-quality vocal effects” for you to play around with your content. If you’re someone who’s into autotune, then you would be able to use that effect as well. Facebook Bars is also promising to deliver exceptional autotune to its users.

Facebook Bars

While signing up, Bars will ask you to select Rap experience, and depending on it, the app will refresh your user experience. If you select Beginner, then you would receive an auto-rhyme dictionary allowing you to improve your rap skills. For someone who selects Advanced level, Facebook Bars promised a Freestyle Mode. This mode will give you eight random words that you have to work with within a 16-bar off-the-cuff rap.

At the time of writing this, the Facebook Bars app is currently in the closed beta stage and is available only on iOS. This means that you will only be able to secure a username and not do anything else in the app.

Not the first musical app from Facebook!

This is not the first time we’re hearing about a musical app from the social networking giant. Last year, Facebook launched its Collab app that allows musicians to collaborate and make music together. It is worth noting that Collab never made its way to the Android smartphone. Bars might have the same fate but only time will tell.


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