Top 15 features of the new Flyme 9 Android skin

A few days ago, Meizu released the Flyme 9 system, its latest Android skin. This system comes with the Meizu 18 series and the company claims it is simple, elegant, and innovative. Furthermore, the Flyme 9 system focuses on lightness and order. It also brings simplified visual elements as well as a unified design language. This system also boasts of a new design notification center and Alive wallpapers. In this post, we will look at thetop 15 features of the new Flyme 9 Android skin

Meizu Flyme 9

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1. Simple visual elements

  • Simplifies the complex fingerprint icon into the most familiar small circle. The lock screen of Flyme 9 is also very clean and pure
  • The application interface also removes the decorative elements and optimizes the typesetting. Through the mutual matching of text, color, and controls, the information is presented to the user in a prioritized manner
  • Only retains the most direct page and necessary elements. Furthermore, it simplifies the structure, and maintain clear information transmission
  • It also simplifies the text and list on a page, and display the content with a unified style legend or video element.

2. Unified design language

  • Unifies the shape of desktop icons and enhances the overall unity and sense of order of the screen
  • The self-developed algorithm is used to intelligently transform the shape of the icon to make the desktop orderly
  • Optimizes the desktop layout, you can choose the 5×6 layout and steplessly adjust the display size of the desktop icons
  • The new desktop plug-in can be easily matched to enrich the desktop effect. The small plug-in can be added to the negative one-screen Aicy overview to make the use more efficient.

3. Notification center new design

  • Optimizes the partition layout and add permanent control options. With this, it also maximizes the beauty, simplicity, and ease of use
  • Pull down the notification center to get more shortcut control switches, and you can hide the name of the switch
  • Long press the shortcut switch to make further settings in the setting panel
  • Adjust native media notifications to make the vision cleaner and fresher; zoom in on the control buttons to make the operation easier
  • Use a light-colored frosted glass background and white cards to make the interface clean and elegant. Can also seamlessly switch to dark mode and re-color all elements
  • Notifications and shortcut switches are displayed side by side in the horizontal screen, making full use of the screen space
  • In addition, it adds a brand new half-screen interaction, allowing operations to come and go freely.

4. Screen display

  • Flyme 9 customizes commemorative badge screen with custom colors. It also includes multiple dynamic screens with different styles and themes
  • Personalized screen signature, support for modifying text size, thickness, color and typesetting
  • Supports importing the screen pictures and animations to make the screen more vivid and interesting
  • Flashing light on the screen notification, re-engraving the classic flashing light effects on MX2.

5. Alive wallpaper

  • The new Alive wallpaper, its shape, color, light and shadow change all the time. It can also pass through different levels and change its shape
  • Provide a variety of color options, each color is compatible. Also supports light and dark modes, light and dark colors are both good-looking
  • Create Alive wallpaper: Customize the picture as Alive wallpaper, and experience the progressive feeling of lock screen, and desktop
  • Selection: Provide designer selected wallpapers, various holiday illustration wallpapers and outstanding works of Meizu OMA Image Contest.

6. Flyme 9 animation

  • Brand-new facial recognition dynamic effects and fingerprint light effects. You can also make screen-turning animations in one go, simple and neatly.
  • Swipe up to call out the search, and slide down to call out the notification center
  • Layered icons, inertial rebound, Bezier trajectory and a series of effects are now available. This ensures that each slide has a different animation.
  • Create a visual performance of a sense of space. With the icon animation, the wallpaper will often change in real time. It will also have a good zooming and blurring effect
  • Even when there is animation interruption, the connection is still natural with no flaws
  • There is a slight bias when entering multitasking, and the gesture algorithm will judge your intentions and stay in different positions intelligently.
  • Layer self-layering algorithm converts third-party application icons into double layers. Each application has a natural stretching effect, and popular applications also have perfect animations
  • Provide Flyme 1-8 classic system theme, retrospect the classic time.

7. Flyme 9 small window mode 3.0

  • Optimizes the small window design which also makes it attractive
  • The active call-out menu can accommodate more applications. You can also temporarily use the small window to open any application by clicking the more button without adding
  • Lightweight opening: sharing in the horizontal screen uses a small window by default
  • The notification center opens notifications

8. Floating small window

  • Intimate multitasking generally helps with multitasking.
  • Long press on the floating window to mute the application. You can also long press on the floating window to select the playback window size
  • Drag the floating window outside the screen to hide it by the side

9. Small window full gesture

  • Swipe in from the corner of the screen to call out the small window in one step
  • Press and hold the indicator bar and slide it up slightly to switch to a small floating window. Users can also click to return to the small window
  • Gently down the indicator bar, you can switch to full screen
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the app to the top of the screen to switch the floating window in one step
  • Double-click the floating window to change to full screen in one step.

10. Flyme 9 full gesture mBac

  • Using the fusion scheme, you can slide back
  • Tap mBack to return to the previous page
  • Slide up or press mBack to return to the desktop
  • Slide horizontally on mBack to realize fast application switching
  • You can also long press mBack to turn off the screen
  • Swipe down at the bottom of the screen to realize half-screen interaction of the application. Furthermore by clicking to complete the operation, the window will also automatically return to its original position.

11. Flyme 9 new image & video setting

  • Supports dynamic photos to make beautiful moments move
  • Add a visual progress bar for video playback, which also allows you to advance and retreat freely, as fast as you like
  • Support video free cropping as well as video re-sizing.
  • Add rich filters, support self-importing filters
  • This feature also adds professional adjustment and editing of visual effects
  • Easy scoring, support for adding music. Brand new video editing, blockbuster effects can also be easily done.

12. Aicy big update

  • Aicy screen recognition adds listening to songs and recognizing songs. When you hear your favorite music, you can select your favorite music for recognition by long pressing, and then collect it with one click
  • Small size desktop plug-in, add to Aicy overview, customize your plug-in collection, get important information at a glance
  • Aicy voice supports continuous dialogue. After a conversation is completed, there is no need to trigger again, Aicy will continue to listen to your instructions
  • Aicy notification broadcast: When wearing headphones, Aicy can broadcast notifications for you
  • Long press on the article page, click to play, and Aicy will be able to read the article to you. A control panel for voice reading is available in the notification bar. In addition to playing and pausing, you can also control Aicy’s speaking rate
  • Aicy supports smart home control. Currently, it can support platforms such as Lipro smart home. It will add more options in the future.

13. Authorization

  • Notify authorization inquiry: open the application for the first time, the system notifies authorization and asks whether to allow the application to send notifications
  • Network authorization inquiry: Before the application uses the network authorization, it requires the user’s consent
  • Local network authorization: All applications scanning the local network require the user’s consent in advance
  • AI interception: intelligently recognize application startup behavior, start it normally, and intercept malicious startup. However, the user can unlock any interception

14. All-seeing Hawkeye

  • Application behavior record: Complete record of all behaviors. There are more than 30 behaviors under 14 categories including camera, recording, positioning, contacts, etc
  • Sensitive behavior reminder: Whether it is in the foreground or the background, once the sensitive authority is invoked, a striking reminder will be given in real time, click to view the detailed record
  • App management suggestions: Regularly summarize the behavior history of apps and sort out relevant suggestions to help you manage apps more easily
  • Application express: Multi-interface display operation, clearly display the application name.

15. Invisible Boots

  • Positioning authorization: When the application applies for positioning permission, you can choose to reject/allow it. You can also choose “allow once”
  • Fuzzy positioning: The fuzzy positioning function based on differential privacy technology only allows the app to access the approximate location, greatly reducing the accuracy of the location information being obtained
  • Photo privacy management: When the app tries to read the picture, the system asks whether it is allowed to read the picture.
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