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Google is currently working on its latest system, Android 12. Before the official stable version rolls out, this system will go through a couple of processes. It will have to go through the developer preview, the public beta stage before the stable version release. The developer preview and public beta will have multiple phases. This morning, Android 12 Developer Preview 2 (DP2) went live. The full package download is now available for the Google Pixel 3 series and later Pixel devices. 

Android 12 release timeline

According to the release schedule, the Android 12 will be available publicly after August 2021. This system will enter the public beta phase in May 2021. By convention, in the beta phase, some Chinese smartphones will be part of the upgrade. The likes of Xiaomi and OnePlus are sure to take part in the first public beta release. To download the Android 12 developer preview for Pixel devices, click here

In the official log, the main changes of DP2 compared to DP1/1.1 are focused on the convenience of developers. There are too many bugs in the actual functions and interfaces. A couple of features are not entirely ready for public testing. Features such as round corners support, picture-in-picture animation function and others need more work. These features will be smoother and customizable.

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Android 12

Furthermore, there are reports that the Android 12 Developer Preview 2 brings significant changes to the dark mode. According to XDA, the dark mode changes from pure black to a lighter gray colour. With the release of this latest version, the theme changes from dark, jet black to light gray. Google claims that compared to white, even the gray theme can save power on the OLED display. Thus, it is reasonable to think that light gray will reduce battery consumption.

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Furthermore, it adds the one-hand mode and gestures for opening the notification bar. With this update, the function gets a complete menu with three options. First, switch on/off to actually enable the function. There is also a second lever to automatically turn off the one-hand mode when switching between apps. Finally, there is an option to exit the one-handed mode after a set time.

In addition, the new widget selection pages and the media center of the notification bar better adapt to the theme. Also, the colour, lock screen, pin code input, and interface pattern all take a new look. It should be noted that, from historical experience, there is a large degree of uncertainty in the functions of the DP stage, including the interface.

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