Google will create at least 10,000 full-time jobs this year – see if you have a chance

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According to Google, it will create at least 10,000 full-time jobs in the United States this year. For you to have a chance for any of these positions, you have to be able to work in the U.S. The company also claims that it will expand its business in at least 19 states in the U.S. The company plans to add thousands of jobs in Atlanta, Washington DC, Chicago, and New York. It will bring more job opportunities and investment to diverse communities.


Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, claims that the company plans to invest $7 billion to open new offices and expand data centersCurrently, Alphabet and Google already have more than 135,000 full-time employees. Pichai said that they will continue to make major investments in offices across the country and in California, where the company is headquartered. They will invest more than $1 billion in the state.

Gizchina News of the week

According to reports, Google is a Foxconn customer. Foxconn has contributed a lot to the history of Google’s entry into the hardware field. At the end of 2013, Google purchased head-mounted display-related patents from Foxconn. These patents formed the basis of the current Google DayDream VR head-mounted display. In April 2014, Google purchased a large number of communications technology patents from Foxconn.

Earlier this month, the media said that Foxconn used Google’s machine learning program as a basis to produce an automatic detection system for the production line, which greatly reduced the defect rate of smartphone parts, and the inspection time was also significantly reduced.

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In November last year, reports claim that Foxconn plans to assemble key components for Google servers at the Wisconsin factory. At that time, there were reports that Foxconn had reached an agreement with Google and is establishing an assembly line to produce circuit boards. The company also plans to start mass production in the first quarter of next year.

While Google is creating jobs, Nokia is taking jobs

In contrast to Google, Nokia is massively laying off its workers globally. Nokia is one of the major players in the research and development of 5G. However, the company is many miles behind the competition. The likes of Huawei and Ericsson are ahead of Nokia and the Finnish company wants to catch up. To do this, it needs capital and the company believes that laying off these workers will help raise the necessary capital.

A recent report shows that Nokia has sacked over 10,000 workers in the past two years. Furthermore, another report shows that another 10,000 employees will have to go this year. Whether or not this is a good strategy for Nokia remains to be seen.

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