Samsung will use BOE OLED displays on its smartphones for the first time

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According to a report from South Korea, China’s largest display manufacturer BOE is preparing to provide Samsung’s smartphones with its OLED panels for the first time. Interestingly, the OLED panel will be a “flexible OLED” panel. This is one of the main products of Korean display manufacturers. Due to the rapid development of China’s display industry, Samsung had to pitch its tent with BOE. BOE’s supply of OLED displays will have a significant impact on the Korean display industry.


Samsung Electronics plans to use BOE’s flexible OLEDs for some of the Galaxy M series models. These smartphones will be official in the second half of this yearIt is almost certain that Samsung Electronics will use BOE’s flexible OLED. This is because the specific standards for the display are already available.

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Flexible OLED is an OLED based on a flexible substrate. Instead of a rigid glass substrate, it uses a plastic material (polyimide) that can bend the display. Flexible OLED is classified as a high-end product. This is because of its lightweight, thinness, and high degree of design flexibility. These are the displays we find on smartphones with curved edges as well as foldable smartphones.

BOE’s OLED quality is improving

BOE’s OLED displays are quite good but it has not been able to carve a niche for itself. Most of its OLEDs are supplied to Huawei. However, after the ban on Huawei BOE faced another setback. BOE needed to find another way, so it turned to Samsung Electronics for a breakthrough. Samsung Electronics is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer and the largest customer of display manufacturers.

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JD’s supply of flexible OLEDs to Samsung Electronics will have a huge impact on the Korean display industry. BOE’s OLED will be limited to a few models in the Galaxy M series. These smartphones will be the budget devices from Samsung. At the same time, because Samsung Electronics accepts BOE’s products, it shows that BOE’s technology, quality, and price are in line with Samsung Electronics’ standards. Therefore, there is a great possibility that there will be more cooperation between the two companies in the future. In addition, Samsung Electronics may also expand its cooperation with BOE to ensure its competitive advantage in product prices.

According to reports, BOE made an amazing offer to Samsung Electronics in order to obtain an order from Samsung Electronics. The two companies are likely to have more transactions in the future.

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