LG gives the launch date for commercial 6G network


The commercialization of the latest 5G network commenced in 2019. However, the full-fledge take-off of the 5G network did not start until early 2020. This is coming about ten years after the commercialization of the previous generation 4G network. Thus, by assumption, it is logical to think that the next generation 6G network will arrive in 2029/2030. However, the timeline and reports of major players in the industry will be a confirmation of our speculation(s). According to Yonhap News Agency, LG Electronics claims that it has been working with two other partners to jointly develop the next-generation 6G network technology.

6G network technology

According to reports, LG has an agreement with Keysight, an American electronic test and measurement company. Furthermore, it also has a partnership with the Korean Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). These cooperations are basically towards the development of 6G network technology. 

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According to the cooperation agreement, the three parties will cooperate in the development of technologies related to terahertz, which is a key frequency band for 6G communications. Its goal is to complete 6G research by 2024. However, the commercialization of the 6G network will not start from 2024 – this is way too early. 

6G network will go commercial in 2029 – LG

According to LG, at the earliest, it expects the 6G network to be commercially available in 2029. The company claims that 6G will provide faster data speeds. In addition, it will also offer lower network latency and higher reliability than 5G. Furthermore, this new network will be able to better upgrade the concept of the Internet of Everything (IoT). It will ultimately offer users an enhanced connection experience.

LG established a 6G research center with the Korea Institute of Science and Technology in 2019, and signed an agreement with the Korea Institute of Standards and Science last year to jointly conduct 6G technology research. Keysight is a major supplier of 6G terahertz test equipment. The company is providing equipment for LG and the 6G research center of the Korea Institute of Science and Technology.

The development of the 5G network is still on and many may be wondering why the rush for 6G. Well, if you are in the industry, it is not a “rush” as many may think. It is a fight to the finish line and no company wants to be left behind. Simply put, 5G upgrades and 6G research and development will take place concomitantly.

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