Get over here! Caviar introduces Mortal Kombat iPhone 12 Pro

Mortal Kombat iPhone 12 Pro

The recently released Apple iPhone 12 series brings a new design that quite resembles the days of the iPhone 5/5s family with the squareish aluminum frame. However, apart from this change, the new iPhone family isn’t taking a major departure in terms of design. For those who need a re-design and that breaking certain barriers isn’t a big problem, Caviar has been making a plethora of luxury-priced custom iPhones. The company now has just made a new iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max phones that come to take a ride in the hype for Mortal Kombat’s upcoming movie.

If you’re a fan of the Mortal Kombat franchise, you’ll probably know that the new take on the movie industry will be available in theaters and HBO Max on April 16. Now, Caviar has shared a trio of new iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max smartphones that are based on three popular characters from the movie and game franchise.

Scorpion iPhone 12 Pro / Max

First up, we have one of the most recognizable characters of the series, the one behind the “GET OVER HERE” scream that titles this article – Scorpion. The iPhone 12 Pro with Scorpion theme features Scorpion’s signature weapon on the back. It is made out of strong titanium and covered with gold-colored PVD coating. There are also decorative inserts made out of fiberglass and epoxy resin.

Shao Kahn

The next one is the infamous emperor of Outworld – Shao Kahn. We have his titanium throne set on a black base made out of a resistant material. Upon the throne, we have Kahn’s signature Ware Hammer made out of wear-resistant super-heated titanium coated with PVD. There is also a skull that symbolizes the fallen enemies.

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Shang Tsung

Finally, one of the major antagonists in the franchise – Shang Tsung. Tsung was present as a major antagonist in the original game and the first movie. He is coming back as a major antagonist in the reboot as well. The back represents the evil sorcerer stealing the soul of a defeated enemy. As you may expect, his signature phrase “Your Soul is mine”, is written with a glow in the dark material. The back also has titanium with a durable PVD coating and also has a 3D hand skull. Finally, it has two snakes wrapped around the skull. Their eyes are made out of four high saturation emeralds. As you can imagine, it’s not cheap.

The Scorpion model will set you back by $6,410, while the Shao Kahn is the most expensive version with its price starting at $6,910. The price, of course, depends on what iPhone 12 model you pick and how much storage you want. As usual, Caviar is making only 99 units of every model. If you swimming on money and is a fan of Mortal Kombat, these items certainly are mandatory in your collection. You can check Caviar’s website for further details


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