Does a flagship smartphone need water protection? Survey results

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You will not surprise anyone with the waterproofness of a smartphone, although there are not so many models on the market that can boast of such a characteristic. If you look closely at the lineup of some manufacturers, you will find that there are no devices with IP67 / IP68 water protection and they are not at all eager to release a waterproof device as soon as possible.

Many companies choose to offer water protection in their flagship models. For example, these are OnePlus 9 Pro, Oppo Find X3 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and the flagships of the Samsung Galaxy S21 family. Naturally, users have to pay decent money for a smartphone in order to safely go to the beach or to the bathroom. It is quite logical that in this situation the question arises, how important is the water-resistance of mobile devices for users when purchasing a flagship smartphone?

Does a flagship smartphone need water protection? Survey results

The Androidauthority website asked its readers this question, and according to the results of the survey, it turned out that 34.9%, do not consider water resistance a priority, but at the same time they are sure that moisture protection is a blessing when it comes to flagships.

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33.9% of respondents were in favor of the fact that waterproofing in a smartphone is an important and necessary function for them, and they would not consider buying a flagship that lacks it. Another 24.1% said water resistance is one of the key characteristics they will look for when purchasing a premium smartphone. And only 7.5% said that they absolutely do not care if their device is protected from water or not.

Here are some of the comments from the readers:

Lukas Dvorok: Since official dust and water resistance does not last as the phone ages, it’s not that useful. Also, it’s not part of the warranty. So it’s basically a useless number on paper unless manufacturers will take it seriously and include it in the warranty.

ISMoney: A lot of people who care about this feature haven’t learned how to care properly for their devices anyway. It’s not that difficult to remember to avoid water. They wouldn’t do it with their socks, but when it comes to their devices, they are a bit more careless.

Joe Black: It’s certainly nice to have as I have taken my phone with me when I took my kids in a pool. Right now I have an IP-rated phone; but I would be more than willing to trade IP for better mics, speakers, or anything more of a value for me.

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