Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week

best free Android apps

Welcome to the 5th edition of our weekly Best Free Android Apps and Games. Once again, we’re here to save the day by quenching your thrust for finding some of the best Android apps and games which are, of course, free of cost. Just like always, we’re going to take a look at some of the apps irrespective of niche. As expected, we’ll also mention few customization apps along with games that have gotten a hold on us.

If you’ve missed the previous edition of our weekly column, then we highly recommend checking it out.

Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week

While some of the apps mentioned here will be completely free, some might throw in advertisements for monetary benefits. If you want you can always go ahead and buy the premium version but nonetheless, the free version should suffice for most users out there. With that said, let’s jump right into it.

#1 Routinery: Ritual/Routine

Routinery best free android apps  Routinery best free android apps

If you’ve been looking for a powerful routine app that can get you started the day, then we have something interesting for you. Recently, we came across this app called Routinery that helps you create a ritual or routine and motivates you to stick with it. The developer claims that they use behavioral science. It also promotes the user to focus on the surrounding environment.

When it comes to the user interface, Routinery brings simple and minimal experience to the table. There are no annoying ads or popups which is always a good thing in our opinion. There are few features that you will have to shell out some bucks to access. Once again, the free version should be more than enough for you to get started.

Here’s a look at some of the key features of the Routinery app:

  • Manage habits and routines
  • Powerful routine timer
  • Stats and feedback on the routines
  • Apple Watch and dark mode support
  • Seamless backup and synchronization between devices


Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ and 4.5 stars

App page: Download the Routinery: Ritual/Routine app on your Android device from Google Play Store

#2 Who touched my phone?

Who touched my phone? best free android apps  Who touched my phone? best free android apps

As the name suggests, Who touched my phone? is an Android application that basically answers the very question which is in its name. The app uses your front camera in the background to take images of the user who is trying to unlock your smartphone. Apart from just taking images, the app also lets you know about the when and what. Basically, telling you the time along with a report consisting of the activities.

This is not the first app that brings something like this to the table. In fact, we’ve previously come across numerous such apps. The thing that separates this app from most out there is the user experience. If someone tries to enter the wrong pin or pattern, then the app will automatically take an image. On the other hand, if someone manages to go inside, then the app will also show you the apps opened in the session.


  • Automatically takes an image of the user trying to get in
  • Showcase activity log along with the time
  • Ability to sync all the logs and data to the cloud
  • Requires Device Administrator permission

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

Downloads & Ratings: 5,000,000+ and 4.8 stars

App page: Download Who touched my phone? on your Android device from Google Play Store

#3 Selection – send selected text to notifications

Selection - best free android apps  Selection - best free android apps


The Selection app might not do some crazy or impressive thing but it still manages to be a useful application. The app allows you to send a selected text to a notification from anywhere. Selection comes in handy when you just want to remind yourself of something later. You can simply push that thing to the notification and can look at it whenever you’re free.

Unlikes notes or reminders that offer the same feature, Selection allows you to push the text from anywhere. The word ‘anywhere‘ is the key term here. The free version of the app offers 15 selections meaning you can push 15 things at most. For more, you’ll need to shell out a couple of bucks. Of course, the limit should be more than enough for most users out there.  Selection app acts as a nifty tool for your smartphone which is why decided to add it to our best free Android apps.


  • Add text from anywhere to the notification
  • Clean and minimal user interface
  • Option to dismiss the text from the notification
  • Choose between light and dark mode

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

Downloads & Ratings: 5,000+ and 4.1 stars

App page: Download Selection on your Android device from Google Play Store

Gizchina News of the week

#4 Balance: Meditation & Sleep

Balance - best free android apps  Balance - best free android apps

When it comes to apps under the Early Access tag, we rarely come across ones that offer an experience more than worthy of a stable rollout phase. Balance is one such application that, even though is in a development phase, offers quite a stable experience. If you’re looking for an app that can help you improve your sleep and reduce stress, then you might have been looking for this one.

Balance offers a personalized meditation program that, at the time of writing this, is free for a year. The app basically acts as your personal meditation coach guiding you to throughout your meditation. The app will ask you some questions about your meditation experience, goals, and preferences each day. It will then assemble a daily meditation routine for you. The app designs a 10-day plan that will teach you fundamental meditation skills.

You can also choose between multiple options such as Happiness, Sleep, Foundations, Focus, and more. There’s a dedicated Sleep tab that brings you before bed and fall asleep-related options. All in all, the app will help you develop 9 concrete meditation skills making it perfect for newcomers.


  • Personalized meditation routines designed to your mood, goals, experience, and more
  • 10-day plans to develop your meditation skills
  • Research-backed activities and routines allowing you to get the most out of the app
  • Completely free for the year 2021

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 10,000+ and no ratings (because it’s in the development phase)

App page: Download Balance: Meditation & Sleep on your Android device from Google Play Store

#5 WallCandy

WallCandy best free android apps

WallCandy is yet another wallpaper application that you might want to give a go. The app offers unique handpicked wallpapers covering a wide range of categories. From abstract to AMOLED, you can find almost every type of wallpaper right in the app. You can use the category tab to explore wallpapers related to certain categories such as anime, 4K, sports, and more.

There is a dedicated notch wallpapers option in the side menu which you can use if your smartphone has a notch on the front. Sadly, there’s no option to filter the wallpaper on the basis of notch placement. This means that you’ll have to spend some time finding the right one for you. There’s a wallpaper history tab as well that will showcase all the wallpapers that you have applied. Lastly, we’re looking at the Auto Wallpaper feature that will set a unique wallpaper for you every day.

The best part about WallCandy is that the app is completely free. To top things off, there are no annoying ads or popups. With that said, WallCandy is one of the best wallpapers out there, hands down.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ and 4.8 stars

App page: Download WallCandy on your Android device from Google Play Store

#6 Whicons – White Icon Pack

Whicons - best free android apps 

When it comes to free icon packs, Whicons is one of the best Android apps out there. This app offers quite a unique touch to your Android setup. The app also covers a wide range of apps which is always impressive to see in free offerings. If you’re using dark wallpapers, then you should definitely give this app a try as it might refresh your home screen altogether.

Apart from offering a super extensive library of icons, the app also brings suitable wallpapers to the table. There is a request tool as well through which you can ask for any missed icons (which is going to happen rarely). The app supports all the popular launchers out there such as ADW, Holo, Lawnchair, Nova, OnePlus, Square Home, and more.

Here is a quick look at what you’ll be getting with this free icon pack:

  • a whopping 6929 icons
  • Suitable wallpapers
  • Covers more than 29700 apps
  • Multi launcher support
  • Frequent updates

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ and 4.5 stars

App page: Download Whicons White Icon Pack on your Android device from Google Play Store

#7 Sad But Ded

Sad But Ded best free android games

As fun as it sounds, Sad But Ded manages to live up to our expectations from a 2D puzzle platformer. The idea behind the game is to keep the controls themselves to a limited resource. Each level will bring you some unique mechanics making it fun and complex for you at the same time. The new game mechanics will force you to think at each level.

Sad But Ded comes with 50 different levels that you will traverse up from the beginning to the end. There are three difficulty levels to choose from – easy, medium and hardcore. There’s a Speedrun Mode that allows you to set records and compete with friends. To top things off, the game has no ads whatsoever and no in-game purchases as well. Basically, it’s completely free.

  • A fun 2D puzzle platformer
  • Minimalistic pixel graphic
  • 50 levels with unique mechanics
  • Speedrun mode and 3 different levels
  • No ads and in-game purchases

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000+ and 4.7 stars

App page: Download Sad But Ded on your Android device from Google Play Store

With that, we will now be concluding our 5th edition of the best free Android apps and games. For the next edition, we’re planning to add some more games to our column. Make sure to stay tuned as we will keep on digging Play Store to find out useful and fun Android apps and games.


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