Best Free Android Apps of the Week: Nipto, Good Timepass, Kitty Letter and More!

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We heard you’re looking for some new Android apps and games to try out. It looks like you have stumbled on the right door in the realm of this mighty internet. If this is your first time here, then you might want to know that we cover free Android apps and games on weekly basis. Welcome to the 4th edition of our weekly Best Free Android Apps and Games.

In this edition, we have managed to find some useful applications that you might really appreciate. Of course, there are one or two games as well as few apps for customization freak in you. Enough with the introduction, let’s jump right into the treat.

Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week

We have skimmed through the Android Play Store to find some of the best free Android apps and games for you. Here’s let check it out.

Nipto: split household chores & cleaning tasks

Nipto - best free android apps and games  Nipto - best free android apps and games

There are a plethora of apps that allow you to split up expenses in an effective and easeful manner. Developer House & Home has managed to combine the essence of that with household chores tracking app. The result is an application that goes by the name – Nipto. Since the moment I’ve found it on Play Store, I’ve been using it extensively.

The key idea behind this app is to divide household chores and make sure that it is done but in a fun manner. Players will receive in-app points for each chore they will do and every Sunday, a winner will be announced. For instance, if you live with your family or friends, then you can easily divide household chores and cleaning tasks. Every Sunday, you’ll be able to check who scored the highest point and ultimately won the contest.


Here are some of the key features of this free android apps that we found worth mentioning:

  • Personalize household chores
  • Ability to choose between competition and personal goal
  • See the participation of each player and reward the winner
  • Manage children account and customize points goal
  • Of course, Reminders for important household chores

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

Downloads & Ratings: 10,000+ and 4.6 stars

App page: Download the Nipto app on your Android device from Google Play Store

Tongo – Learn English

Tongo - best free android apps and games  Tongo - best free android apps and games

This one is for all those readers who are looking to improve their English proficiency. Since our readers are from all over the globe, we decided to cover this amazing app as well. The app is an all-in-one package that allows you to practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing. All of these combined will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills.

Tongo has a very fun and unique user interface that uses illustrations to help you better understand the word and its meaning. You can even listen to some audiobooks and if that’s not your jam, then you can simply read books, all in the app itself. The developer claims to offer more than 40,000 flashcards for you to learn. In fact, all you need to do is spend 10 minutes a day using this app and you would see improvements in your English proficiency.


  • Personalized learning plan
  • Offline mode to consume lessons without internet

Price: Free (but in-app purchases are there as well)

Downloads & Ratings: 500,000+ and 4.9 stars

App page: Download the Tongo Learn English app on your Android device from Google Play Store

Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden - best free android apps and games  Bitwarden - best free android apps and games

Recently, I started using password manager applications since I wanted to keep my credentials a bit more secure and not easily guessable. I have nearly tried all the popular password manager solutions out there but decided to settle down with Bitwarden. What’s special here is the fact that it is completely free and has no restrictions whatsoever.

Bitwarden is an open-source password manager meaning the build code is public and anyone can contribute to making the experience better. Since the app is open source, you don’t need to worry about the security and privacy of your data. Of course, there are few downsides here as well such as lack of folders in folders and autofill feature.

Considering the service is completely free, these two should hardly be a deal-breaker. If it is, then you can always switch to some other options out there.

  • An open-source password manager that is completely free
  • No restrictions whatsoever
  • cross-platform support
  • AES-256 bit encryption, salted hashing, and PBKDF2 SHA-256

Price: Completely free (an open-source project)

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ and 4.7 stars

App page: Install the Bitwarden Password Manager app on your Android smartphone from here

ProtonMail – Encrypted Mail

Proton Mail - best free android apps and games  Proton Mail - best free android apps and games

Since we’re on the subject of privacy and security, it’s a good time to talk about another application that I love. Based in Switzerland, ProtonMail is an application that offers free encryption email with the aim to protect your privacy. Since the data servers are located in Switzerland, all the user data is protected with strict Swiss privacy laws.

Without spending any back, you can get yourself a secure email address that you can then use for all your communication. Even though the service is free, it is still available on all platforms – Android, iOS, and web version. ProtonMail directly competes with Gmail which is known for accessing data since it survives on the ad-revenue model.

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Here are some of the key features of the ProtonMail service:

  • End to end encryption
  • Anonymous email
  • open source
  • easy to use
  • modern inbox design

Price: Completely free (an open-source project)

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ and 4.5 stars

App page: Get yourself an encrypted email address from Proton Mail

Good TimePass

Good Timepass - best free android apps and games  Good Timepass - best free android apps and games

For those who’re looking for an app instead of a game to kill the time, then we have something interesting for you. Good Timepass is an app that is a complete package for a healthy timepass. For those who’re unaware, timepass is an act of passing the time and the word is quite popular in India.

The app offers knowledge bytes that are divided into several categories such as Knowledge, Motivation, Brain Games, and English Games. The developer claims to offer 7000+ interesting facts, 3000+ general knowledge, 3000+ lifehack tips, 3000+ motivation quotes, and much more.


Basically, you’re in for a treat if you’re looking to spend your extra time in a productive manner. Here’s a quick look at some key features of the app.

  • Learn English with games, quiz and improve your vocabulary
  • Word Wizard, Word Box, Vocab Builder – some of the in-app games
  • Interesting facts, inspiration quotes,  life lessons, lifehacks, motivation, and more

Price: Free (inclusion of ads and time limitations)

Downloads & Ratings: 10,000+ and 4.7 stars

App page: Get Good Timepass for your Android smartphone from Google Play Store

Pika! Charging show

Pika! charging show - best free android apps and games

Pika! Charging show is quite an interesting app that brings a cool charging animation to your smartphone. Thanks to some cool options, it has managed to make its way to our best free Android apps column. The app offers a bunch of cool charging animations to choose from. The app will automaitcally kickstart the animation when you will start charging your device. There’s no need to manually open it again and again.

It is worth mentioning that the list of animations are limited for a free user and to enjoy the entire library, you’ll have to shell a couple of bucks. Alternatively, you can also invite users to the app in order to receive coupons. You can then use these collected coupons to unlock some charging animations.


Here are some of the notable key features of the app that you need to know:

  • test the charging power of the equipment
  • personalized animations
  • check charging status along with charging speed

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ and 4.0 stars

App page: Get Pika! charging show for your Android smartphone from Google Play Store

Mini-ism for KWGT

mini-ism for kwgt

If you’re new to the world of Android customization, then you might have no idea about KWGT. Well, it is a ‘kustom’ widget maker that allows you to add some custom widgets to your homescreen or launcher. You can either create your own or use the ones created by the community. We’re going to talk about a widget pack for KWGT that goes by the name mini-ism.

As the name suggests, the app offers minimal widgets for your Android smartphone. The app offers a plethora of widgets to choose from and all of that for free. There is no hidden charges or in-app purchases – it’s completely free. Persoanlly, I love the calender widgets that this app offers. Again to use this, you’ll need to have a Pro version of KWGT widget maker app.

While you might have to tweat the widgets a bit to make it suitable as per your setup, but hey! it’s free so no complaints. It is worth noting that this app is currently at version 6.8 which is the final version meaning no new widgets in future. The app has 200 widgets that you can choose from which is a lot. Overall, a must checkout for those who’re looking to spice their homescreen up.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ and 4.1 stars

App page: Download Mini-ism for KWGT from Google Play Store

Kitty Letter

Kitty Letter - best free android apps and games  

No! It’s not Kitty Litter – it’s Kitty Letter. As you might have already guessed, it’s a word game in which you use your power of vocabulary to beat the opponent. From the gameplay experience to visuals, the developers have managed to excel at everything. You can play the game with stranders or friends online. If that’s not your jam, then there’s a single player campaign as well.

There’s no concept of coins or leveling up in the game so it would be like simply playing and destroying the opponent. One thing to note here is the lack of individual level as it makes harder to find a good opponent since you can be matched with a newbie. This would not only ruin the experience for the newcomer but also for the experienced player as well.

Price: Free (with some in-app purchases)

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ and 4.1 stars

App page: Download Kitty Letter from Google Play Store 

And, with that, we’re now done with yet another edition of our weekly best free Android apps and games. If you haven’t checked out the previous edition, then you can find some useful apps and games there as well. Well, we’ll be back with some more free android apps and games next week so make sure to stay tuned.

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