Best Free Android Apps of the Week: Mi Control Center, No Humanity, Friendspire and More!

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We’re staring at the end of yet another week and you know what this means, right? Welcome to the 3rd edition of our weekly Best Free Android Apps and Games where we introduce some of the interesting and useful Android apps and games. We skim through the Android Play Store, which is literally filled with millions of apps, to find those that are worthy of our feature.

Without wasting any bit of your time, let’s jump right into the new free Android apps and games that we have in stores for you.

Best Free Android Apps and Games of the Week

AfterShip Package Tracker

AfterShip Package Tracker - best free Android apps and games AfterShip Package Tracker - best free Android apps and games

The first app that we have today is for all those folks who have a hard time keeping track of their couriers and deliveries. AfterShip Package Tracker aims to simplify the entire process as it allows you to track all your online orders and shipments. Instead of just opening multiple apps or links, you can simply use this app.

AfterShip Package Tracker supports all local and international carriers such as Post, DHL, UPS, FedEx, DPD, USPS, and more. Furthermore, the app can also track your parcels from e-commerce platforms including Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress. The app automatically detects your active orders along with the shopping label. If given the permissions, it can also sync your orders and packages from Gmail.


Apart from all these nifty additions, one thing that we really liked is the ad-free user experience. All of these combined make it quite a useful Android app that we think you will appreciate. It’s one of those apps that you don’t really find useful unless you give it a go.

Price: Free

Downloads and Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.6 stars

Link: Download AfterShip Package Tracker on your Android device for free


Friendspire - best free Android apps and games  Friendspire - best free Android apps and games

Thanks to a plethora of OTT platforms offering endless content, the whole journey of finding what to watch is becoming a painful experience. One could end up spending a solid amount of time just to find the content to consume. Well, you could have used that searching time to just sit back, grab popcorn and simply enjoy a movie or series. That’s where Friendspire comes in.

The app brings a simpler way to explore new content and save them for later. Inside the app, you can choose the OTT platform that you want to watch content on. Once selected, the app will showcase some curated lists. You can read a small description of the content, relative ratings, and more. Apart from movies and series, the app also covers books, podcasts, foods, and drinks.


Of course, you can save the liked content to make your own list, and then you can simply check off one by one. Lastly, you can connect with your friends in order to share each other’s recommendations. Friendspire is a must-have application in our opinion if you’re always confused about what to watch, read, and more.

Price: Free

Downloads and Ratings: 50,000+ with 4.0 stars

Link: Get Friendspire on your Android smartphone

Mi Control Center: Notifications and Quick Actions

Mi Control Center - best free android apps and games  Mi Control Center - best free android apps and games


For the customization freak in you, we’re back with another solid application that gives you more control over things. Ever wanted to redesign or customize the quick settings panel? then you have stumbled upon the right webpage. Mi Control Center takes things up a notch by separating quick settings and notifications from the panel.

To read notifications, you can simply swipe down from the left of the status bar. Swiping down on the right of the status bar will give you access to quick settings. Of course, you can customize these trigger areas as per your preference. You can choose between iOS or MIUI designs and customize them even further.


Apart from just separating, Mi Control Center brings a plethora of customization to the table. You can change the entire color scheme, icons, profile picture, icon shapes, grid layout, adjust backgrounds, notifications, music, quick replies, and much more. It’s insane what a single app allows you to customize. A must-have application that has the ability to revamp your Android user experience. It definitely deserves a place in our best free android apps edition.

Price: Free

Downloads and Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.5 stars

Link: Download Mi Control Center on your Android smartphone

PanoramaCrop for Instagram

PanoramaCrop for Instagram - best free Android apps and games  PanoramaCrop for Instagram - best free Android apps and games

Gizchina News of the week

PanaromaCrop for Instagram is an application that allows you to split your wide photos so that you can easily showcase your panorama on social media platforms. If you’re an active Instagram user, then you might have already come across swipeable panoramas posts. Well, you can create just that for your account using this app.

With a single touch, you can slices up to 10 pictures. The app also offers essential editing tools such as crop, resize, rotate, and more. You can choose between multiple aspect ratios for the swipeable panoramas. While other similar apps tone down the quality, that’s not the case with PanoramaCrop for Instagram.


If you’re planning to level up your Instagram game, then this app might help you bring a fresher doze of posts.

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Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads and Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.4 stars

Link: Download PanoramaCrop for Instagram on your Android smartphone

aodNotify – LED Notifications

aodNotify - best free android apps and games .aodNotify - best free android apps and games

With smartphone makers pushing themselves to achieve higher screen-to-body-ratio, one key element of any smartphone has been left out. LED Notifications were quite helpful and sadly, they no longer exist. aodNotify tries to bring the same functionality to smartphones with punch-hole cutout. As the name suggests, the notification ring around your punch-hole cutout will appear on Always On Display.

The developers claim that the app has a minimal effect on the battery as the notification ring is integrated right in Always On Display. You also have an option to show the notification LED light even without Always On Display. The app also lets you know about low battery with the help of a notification light as well.

aodNotify - best free android apps and games  

At the time of writing this, aodNotify only works on Samsung and OnePlus devices. The developer is offering two different apps for both the smartphone makers. Furthermore, the model of your smartphone should also be supported. We’re expecting the developer to add more devices to its compatible list.

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads and Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.3 stars

Link: Get aodNotify on your Android smartphone for free


Olauncher - best free Android apps and games

When it comes to Android customization, a custom launcher acts like a building block. The Play Store is flooded with a ton of launchers, each bringing a bunch of unique features to the table. One such launcher is Olauncher. Unlike most launchers out there, Olauncher brings a much simpler and minimal user interface to the table. It’s a complete free launcher that “respects your privacy”. What’s more interesting is the fact that it is an open-source app.

The home screen of the launcher is quite simple and showcases names of pinned apps along with a time & date widget on the top-left corner. That’s it. The launcher comes with a built-in wallpaper changer that automatically refreshes your home screen each day. It also offers a quick app search that you can use to find the app. The launcher is free of app icons meaning all you’ll see its app names.

It is worth noting that the developer of the launcher has recently announced that the development of the app is almost stopped. He will soon launch a Pro or Paid version of the launcher that will be treated with the latest additions and updates.

Price: Free (Paid version to soon launch)

Downloads and Ratings: 50,000+ with 4.6 stars

Link: Download Olauncher on your Android smartphone for free

Red Walls – Live Wallpapers

Red walls - best free Android games and apps  Red walls - best free Android games and apps

If you’re a fan of the retro wave theme, then you’re doing to definitely like the next app that we have for you. Red Walls is the app that I stumble upon when I was searching for some retrowave wallpapers for my Android device. The app offers a collection of retrowave live wallpapers. The app will treat you with all those 80’s themes with classic outrun, synthwave, and of course, retrowave aesthetics.

The developers claim that the app will consume minimum battery as the wallpapers are nothing but a simple 6-second looping video. Furthermore, the 3D graphics are pre-rendered. The free version of the app offers 16 live wallpapers while the Pro version will add 16 wallpapers on top. With that said, it would be great if the app offered a little more live wallpapers.


Price: Free (available as a Pro version as well)

Downloads and Ratings: 10,000+ with 4.5 stars

Link: Find Red Walls on Google Play Store for your Android smartphones.

No Humanity – The Hardest Game

Just like with our other editions, we’ll end this weekly column with a fun and interesting Android game. We’re looking at No Humanity which according to the devs is “the hardest game”.  In this game, you’re in a spaceship emoji that has somehow got caught up in a galactic doodle war between Brian and Shan. Sounds interesting, right?

Throughout the game, you will have to escape from beaming lasers, firing bullets, monsters’ eyes, and much more. The key goal is to survive as long as you can. You can choose between multiple characters and game modes. Speaking of the modes, we’re looking at Ocean game mode that has more enemies, more ocean, and of course, chances of dying faster.

Chinese game mode, on the other hand, takes you to ancient China. Then, there’s a Survive mode where you need to survive for the given time. All in all, No Humanity is a unique and interesting game that we really enjoyed playing for leisure.

Price: Free (offers in-app purchases)

Downloads and Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.3 stars

Link: Find No Humanity on Google Play Store for your Android smartphone.

If you think we have missed any useful application or you simply want to suggest one, then you can let us and our readers know by hopping down in the comments below. With that said, we’ll soon be back with the next edition of our best free Android apps and games.

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