Best Free Android Apps of March Week 1: Rabit, Fortune City, Priorities and More!

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Back in February, we published a listicle on Best Free Android Apps of the week that covered some of the best Android apps and games for you to try out. To top things off, we even decided to add some apps for the customization freak in you. Well, the compilation received an excellent response from our readers so much that we decided to make it a weekly series.

Every week, we will spend a major chunk of our time finding out some fresh new and useful apps for you to try. Of course, all of these apps are going to be either completely free or will follow the freemium model. Well, if you haven’t already checked out our previous week’s edition, then we’ll recommend going through it right away.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right into the Best Free Android Apps of February for Week 4.

Best Free Android Apps of February [Week 4 Edition]

In every single compilation of free Android apps, we’ll try to stick with a key pattern. We’ll talk about some of the fresh Android apps, then we’ll take a look at those that can help you level up your customization game. In the end, we’ll list some Android games that have managed to keep us hooked on the screen.

01. Rabit – Habit Tracker & Goals Planner

Rabit - Best Free Android Apps  Rabit - Best Free Android Apps

Developed by Blu Apps, Rabit is a habit tracker and goals planner that basically follows the ideology of “plant your goals”. The app helps you develop new habits and stick to them but not in a boring regular way. For every habit that you will add to the app, a seed would be planted. Sticking with those habits on regular basis will give you a streak. It’ll also help your plant grow each day. On the flip side, if you destroy your streak, the poor little plant will die.

The day you will complete the habit, a seed will be planted. That’s how Rabit, in general, works. While it might sound familiar to other apps, Rabit is our top pick as it offers a clean and straightforward user interface. You get four navigation options at the bottom – Home, Habits, Planner, and Premium. You might now have got the idea that the app is not completely free.

Rabit   Rabit

To enjoy all the features of the app, you’ll have to shell out a couple of bucks. One thing that we found worth mentioning is the app lacks any kind of profile management system. This means that you can not save your progress and record since you don’t have any login feature. Hopefully, the developers will add this feature in the next update.

Price: Freemium (7 days free trial and around $23 for a year)

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ with 4.6 stars

Link: Download Rabit for free from Google Play Store

02. Fortune City – A Finance App

Fortune City - Best Free Android Apps     Fortune City - Best Free Android Apps

Developer Fourdesire, known for its Plant Nanny app, is now back with another useful and fun application: Fortune City. No! It’s not a city-building simulation but a finance management app. If you’re someone who’s looking for a finance management app that uses gamification, then you have come to the right place. When you’ll fire up the app, you’ll be greeted with a soundtrack that’ll make you confused whether it’s a game or a productivity app. In fact, you’ll hear the background music throughout the usage. The app has a reward system that goes quite deeper just like any other game out there. You’ll receive daily rewards, gems to record finance, and much more.

In Fortune City, you’re a mayor of your own city with the goal of making it a dream town. Each recorded expense will result in a new building but there’s a catch – only the first five expenses recorded will become new buildings. In the app, you can recruit citizens and assign them to work in different buildings. All the earned coins throughout your usage can be used to upgrade your buildings. All in all, Fortune City is complete financial gamification that will hook you on to the expense recording. You can easily track all your expenses and categorize them in a single tap. The app also allows you to analyze your expenses at a glance using pie charts and bar graphs.

Fortune City     

One thing that we loved about the app is its auto-sync to the cloud that kicks off on daily basis. Just like with most finance management app, you also get smart notes and password protection features.

Price: Freemium (around $25 for a year)

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.5 stars

Link: Download Fortune City for free from Google Play Store

03. Priorities

Priorities - Best Free Android Apps    Priorities - Best Free Android Apps

If you’ve been juggling between multiple todos apps on your smartphone, then we have something interesting for you. Priorities is a todo app that is quite different from the popular ones in the market. Now, you already know that we have a plethora of rules to make to-do lists. For instance, we have a 1-3-5 rule that means 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things. We also have this MoSCoW rule that means Must Have, Should Have, Could Have, and Won’t Have. With that said, it’s safe to say we already have a bunch of rules and you might be confused among them.

Priorities is a todo app that uses the “3 most impactful tasks” rule. Basically, instead of just filling your to-do list with an unrealistic amount of tasks, the app tells you to add 3 to 5 most important tasks of the day. You then work hard to complete those impactful tasks and once you’re completely done, you have had a successful day. For each task that you will unable to finish, it will get transferred to the Backlog list.  While the rule sounds quite simple, it seems to be working pretty well for us. In fact, the developers claim that Priorities is the most effective to-do app on the web.


Apart from this, Priorities comes with a simple, clean, and minimal user interface. It also has a dark mode which is always a welcome addition. Surprisingly, the app lacks any login functionality but that doesn’t mean you can’t back up your data. There’s an export option that allows you to save your data outside the app. We recommend giving this app a try as you might finally be able to stick with a to-do app once for and all.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 10,000+ with 4.3 stars

Link: Download Priorities for free from GoogPlay Store

Gizchina News of the week

04. Wunderfind: Find Lost Device

Wunderfind - Best free Android apps  Wunderfind - Best free Android apps

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Over the last couple of years, smartphone companies have diversified their portfolio by adding more wearables such as TWS earbuds and smartwatches. Nowadays, smartphone users mostly own both the wearable and with all these devices that you use regularly, losing them is quite common. Especially when you own TWS earbuds, losing either both or one of them is the new normal. While companies such as Samsung allow the user to track their TWS and other products using Bluetooth connectivity, it’s still not that powerful. That’s where Wunderfind kicks in.

With Wunderfind, you can easily find your lost Apple AirPods, Apple Pencil, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and a variety of other devices. The app allows you to find your phone, smartwatch, fitness tracker, and TWS earbuds. Wunderfind has a device radar that showcases all your nearby devices. From there, you can select one device that you want to find. You’ll then be able to see the distance score in percentage – the more you’ll come closer, the more the distance score would be.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 500,000+ with 4.3 stars

Link: Download Wunderfind for free from GoogPlay Store

05. Lines – Icon Pack

Lines icon pack - best free Android apps   Lines icon pack

If you’re looking for a way to refresh your Android smartphone, then we have yet another free icon pack for you. Lines is one of the popular Android icon pack out there that features outlined shapes of the icons. Just like most icon packs out there, the developers have also added the matching wallpapers so you don’t have to wander around on the web. The app consists of around 200 hand-picked wallpapers featuring skies, clouds, landscapes, and much more.

As the name suggests, we’re looking at the white outlines with the center being transparent. As a result of this design, the choice of your wallpaper sneaks through the icon delivering clean and minimal aesthetics. Surprisingly, the developers have also added a clock widget that you can make use of. The free version of the Lines icon pack features 2100+ icons, 200+ wallpapers, HDPI icons, and Muzei support. You can use this icon pack with almost all the popular launchers out there such as Nova, Microsoft, Poco, Action, Apex, and plenty of others.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 3.8 stars

Link: Download Lines icon pack for free from GoogPlay Store

06. Walldrobe

Walldrobe - best free Android apps  Walldrobe - best free Android apps

Walldrobe is a new wallpaper app that we’ve been using quite a lot since the moment we got to know about it. Just like most wallpaper apps out there, Walldrobe is also powered by Unsplash. For those who’re unaware, Unsplash is the largest open collection of high-quality photos, and the best part, it’s completely free. Apart from being a simple wallpaper app, the developers decided to add a bunch of useful features.

Walldrobe comes with an automatic wallpaper changer with a bunch of options to configure it. You can set time intervals, categories, and favorites to auto-change the wallpapers. There is a quick settings toggle that allows you to change the wallpaper without even opening the app. The app also showcases the information surrounding the wallpaper such as raw image, view image EXIF, location, status, and more.

If you’re looking for images that are coming straight from the generous photographer’s community, then Walldrobe is a perfect app for you to check out.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 100,000+ with 4.6 stars

Link: Download Walldrobe for free from GoogPlay Store

07. Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja Arashi 2 - best free Android apps

Black Panther is now back with its second Android game dubbed Ninja Arashi 2. As the name suggests, the game is a successor to the original title that has already received positive responses from critics and users. Built on the foundation of the predecessor, Ninja Arashi 2 brings the same intense gameplay experience mixed with RPG elements. From the graphics point of view, the game looks beautiful even though the backgrounds are quite simple.

Ninja Arashi 2 - best free Android apps

In the second episode, you play as a legendary ninja Arashi who continues his pursuit after Dosu. The developers have continued the storyline with perfection and managed to make it even better. All those amazing RPG elements are still here such as upgrading your ninja skills. If you haven’t played any of the episodes, then we highly recommend checking out this platformer.

Ninja Arashi 2 has 4 acts story mode with around 80 stages to complete. The developers have introduced melee weapons and some new mechanics. There’s a brand new skill tree system along with a new artifact system. Of course, there are epic battles between ninja and boss.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.6 stars

Link: Download Ninja Arashi 2 for free from GoogPlay Store

08. Cat Bird

Cat Bird

Cat Bird is the second free Android game that we have with us today in our best free Android apps listicle. It is a platformer title and you play as a cat that can fly (hence, the name Cat Bird). The game brings a classic platformer gameplay experience to the table. We really loved the somewhat retro aesthetics going on throughout the game. There are around 40 challenging levels and with each level, you’ll have to think a bit to complete it. There are around 4 epic boss battles that you will really love.

The developers have also added a Time Travel mode that will help you improve and test your gameplay skills. You can even use ReplayKit to showcase your abilities which we think is a pretty solid addition. The background soundtrack is also on the top-notch side and it really enhances the gameplay experience.

Of course, there are few things that can witness an improvement. For instance, the game doesn’t follow any progression pattern meaning you might find some levels quite easy while others might be very difficult. With each incrementing level, the increasing difficulty makes more sense but that’s not the case here.

Price: Free

Downloads & Ratings: 1,000,000+ with 4.5 stars

Link: Download Cat Bird for free from GoogPlay Store

Well, that’s it for this weekly edition of the best free Android apps. We hope that you found some interesting and helpful apps for your Android device. Do share with us which app you are excited to try out. Got some impressive apps and want us to try them out? Well, drop that down in the comments to let us and your fellow readers know.

With that said, make sure to stay tuned as we’ll be back with more free Android apps next week.

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