China is vigorously expanding its 5G coverage – implementing subsidies

The development of the 5G network is changing the face of the communication industry in many markets. As of now, not many regions have active and consistent 5G connectivity. With active 5G, there will be a lot of improvement in multiple industres. This is why advanced countries are racing to ensure that they have active 5G connectivity. Presently, China is one of the leaders in 5G coverage.

5G coverage

Recently, the office of the Leading Group for 5G Development of Jiangxi Province issued a notice on the issuance of key points for the 5G development of Jiangxi Province in 2021. The notice put forward six work points that focus on improvements. They will be improving the network basic capabilities, support service capabilities, industrial development capabilities, integrated application capabilities, innovation capabilities, and security assurance capabilities.

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China is implementing multiple subsidies to support 5G operation

According to the notice, 5G coverage quality is a major goal of the city. The government will also improve the construction of 5G networks and deploy the 5G network in advance. The three basic telecom operators and the radio and television network company must actively strive for headquarters resource quotas. All localities must increase coordination and advancement, and accelerate the implementation of the deep coverage of districts and cities.

These improvements will also extend to counties (districts) and towns where conditions permit. To ensure that there is a continuous 5G network coverage in areas above key towns and cities, 21,000 new 5G base stations will be opened in 2021. This will take the number of 5G base stations in the Jiangxi Province to 55,000.

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At the same time, the government will also promote 5G frequency and base station management. It will implement the 700MHz frequency planning and adjustment arrangements, promote the removal of existing radio stations from the network, and continue to release 5G high-quality spectrum resources.

In addition, Jiangxi Province will effectively reduce 5G network operating costs. It will also actively provide convenient conditions for power consumption. To enable the active use of 5G networks, it will reduce the price of the power supply. Furthermore, power supply lines to 5G stations will be “always-on” for the efficient performance of the base station. Furthermore, the operators will fully implement the “Measures for Accelerating the Development of 5G”. This will encourage governments at all levels to actively introduce and implement 5G electricity subsidy policies, and provide electricity subsidies for newly built 5G base stations.

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