VIVO Ring Patent Shows How It Will Monitor Users’ Health

The fitness trackers are considered to be the most popular health monitoring gadgets. But they are not the only wearables for this purpose. Currently, the manufacturers offer a variety of new products that will track your health status, collect data about your wellness, and display them in an app with some suggestions, of course. In this regard, we can mention the Huawei Talkband series smartbands. We mean their detachable design allows the users to attach them to your sneakers. So they can collect data related to walking, running, etc. But as said above, apart from the smartbands, there are many others – smart belts, smart rings, smart pendants and so on. As you see, the main specification for such products is to always be with you. But we should also point out that such products collect data through sensors. We mean, mostly, they operate in the same way. Anyways, more and more manufacturers come to this market. VIVO is no exception. It has already applied for the VIVO Ring patent. If nothing accidental happens, we will see this product on the shelves on the nearest future.

How VIVO Ring Monitors Health Indicators

Recently, VIVO Mobile Communications Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of VIVO, published a patent for ‘weight detection method, device and finger ring’, with the publication number CN112595402A. According to the patent summary, this application discloses a weight detection method, device and finger ring, which belong to the technical field of wearable devices. Once again, the new method is for a finger ring, which includes an inner wall and an outer wall. The inner wall carries a pressure sensor.

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VIVO ring

The ring can be worn on any finger such as index finger, thumb, middle finger, and ring finger. The ring can identify the wearer. So when they use the ring later, it can obtain the user’s identity information.

When the wearers use the ring for the first time, they can enter the user’s identity information. Say, you can enter the gender, the age20-year-old age, 172cm height, and left middle finger.

VIVO ring

The built-in motion sensor can detect the pressure worn by the ring to obtain the corresponding relationship between the pressure and the weight. Then, it uses a specific algorithm to monitor the user’s weight change in real time.

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