WhatsApp malfunction: Blacklisted numbers can view your status


WhatsApp seems to be having issues with its status operation. Over the past few days, there have been reports that WhatsApp status views do not follow its regular operation. According to WaBetaInfo, status views on WhatsApp seem to be malfunctioning. When you blacklist a number, they are not supposed to be able to see your status. However, a recent report shows that even blacklisted numbers get to see your status. The situation appears to be the same for numbers that you did not save

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Ordinarily, for users to be able to view each other’s status, both users must store the opposite number on their phones. With the current issue, it appears that any user that saves your number on their phone can view your status. Whether you save their number or not, your status will be viewable. However, it is important to note that this issue seems to occur intermittently. This means that when you try to test it, you may not observe the issue. However, the surprise will come when a number you did not save on your phone replies to your WhatsApp status.

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Multiple reports on WhatsApp status malfunction

Here are some reports on WaBetaInfo Twitter

“I’ve received a report from several people in the last weeks, but I could not be sure if all conditions were met. Today I experienced the same issue so I can confirm it: I did a test, 6 people were in my @WhatsApp  status whitelist and only 5 of them received my status update”.

“The other person didn’t block me and the phone number is saved in the address book. Several people also experience the same issue with broadcast lists: the phone number is saved in the recipient’s address book but the message is not delivered”.

“Yes. Some of my blacklist contacts could see my status and couldn’t know till they replied my status! Also I can see some user’s status that I’m sure they haven’t saved my phone number”.

“Yes… A little bit same issue happened to my friend. Someone saw her statuses! But he did not even have the number on her contact list…”

“I don’t know how this happened to me. I experienced it twice and both times I checked my friends’ phone myself but truly they didn’t save my phone number. We tried to make it happen again to test but the second time their status wasn’t visible for me”.

As of now, there is no official response from WhatsApp regarding this issue. We still await some sort of official response from the company. Until then, do not think that your status is entirely private. Some unwanted folks may have access to your status.

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