Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro & Mi 11 Ultra to get MIUI 12.5 soon

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra fast charging

Xiaomi Community Development announced the release of the MIUI development version (internal test) update instructions – 4.13. The Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro are among the devices to adhere to the MIUI 12.5 internal testing instructions. This update will bring a number of optimizations and improves some of the issues that affect the experience.

MIUI 12.5

In order to improve the user experience, Xiaomi had to decouple some apps of the MIUI system. However, users can choose to upgrade these apps in the app store.

However, while the Mi 11 Pro and Mi 11 Ultra are getting internal testing instructions for development beta, Xioami Mi 11 already has the stable MIUI 12.5 update. Why are these flagship smartphones waiting for the second batch of MIUI 12.5 devices? In fact, why do these phones not arrive with MIUI 12.5 out-of-the-box?

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Xiaomi officially admits that over the past year, it did not do enough in terms of system stability. This is why some of its flagship smartphones had certain issues after a few days. However, the company openly apologizes for performing below expectations. It also promises to make a signifcant change in its operation. This is to ensure that flagships gets the latest systems.

MIUI promises that before the release of mobile phones, it will start production and stocking a long time in advance. It will do this to ensure that the latest MIUI stable version is available at the time of production. This will allow its latest flagship smartphones to arrive with the latest systems out-of-the-box. 

MIUI 12.5 stable version for Mi 11 Pro/Ultra will take some time

As of now, there is no official timeline for these devices to get Xiaomi’s latest system. Irrespective of the challenges that Xiaomi is facing with the Android 11, it is dissapointing to see that its flagshop smartphones are suing old systems. These devices cost a whole lot of money and they should offer the latest in everything.

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Responding to criticisms, Xiaomi claims that it is doing all it can for these device. We know that the MIUI 12.5 developers internal testing version for this phones will be out soon. Nevertheless, it may take many weeks before the official public beta of this update is available. Many users will not even have ingterest in the public beta. They will be waiting for the public stable version. If you are one of such users, you may have to wait for a couple of months before this update arrives.

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