Huawei Enters Smart Classroom Industry To Help e-Learning

Huawei smart classroom

Today, Huawei issued an interesting statement. It officially announced: ‘We are going to enter the smart classroom industry. See you at the Xiamen Educational Equipment Exhibition on April 23.’

Huawei’s smart classroom solution

As early as last month, Huawei launched a smart classroom solution. Huawei’s new collaborative tablet series, Huawei IdeaHub board, incorporates a series of technologies such as soft light eye protection. Also, it brought the Huawei screen changer and the smart painting pen. End-cloud collaboration optimizes the interactive experience of e-learning and makes teaching efficient and simple.

The Huawei Collaboration Tablet has a high-definition visual experience of 1080p/30 frames. In the smart classroom with Huawei’s Collaboration Tablet as the core, teachers and students can enjoy high-quality 3D courseware and interact in real time through the high-definition large screen.

The unique optical anti-blue light technology, professional color calibration, and adaptive ambient light management can guarantee the eye safety of teachers and students to the greatest extent.

Gizchina News of the week

Huawei smart classroom

After teachers use Huawei’s collaborative tablet writing on the blackboard, the background will automatically track the notes. So it can recognize text and graphics with high precision and intelligence, and automatically convert handwriting to print to increase recognition and clarity.

In addition, the ultra-low-latency and smooth writing experience makes human-computer interaction very timely, ensuring the efficiency of classroom teaching. It also supports functions such as gesture erasing and two-person same book, making audio-visualization also full of humanity.

Huawei just helps others

Well, considering that Huawei did not raise pigs but helped companies raise pigs, Huawei did not build cars but helped companies build cars, it is expected that it will also help the education industry as well. Moreover, it does not rule out the possibility of cooperation with schools.

For now, from the education industry point of view, Huawei may be involved to sterile products, educational content, educational hardware, educational software, educational aspects of the service, cooperation textbooks, teaching tools, curriculum and so on.

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