Huawei wins a major court case in Europe – Huawei Vs Chanel

Huawei and Chanel, a French luxury fashion house has been in court over logo issues. The French fashion brand believes that Huawei’s new computer hardware logo has a close resemblance with its long-standing logo. However, the European Union General Court ruled today that Huawei’s new Logo for its computer hardware products will not affect Chanel. The court believes that nobody will confuse Huawei’s new logo for Chanel’s logo

Huawei Vs Chanel
Huawei’s trademark logo (left) and Chanel’s long-standing logo (right)

This means that Chanel’s lawsuit to protect its Logo has temporarily ended in failure. Chanel believes that the logo that Huawei has applied for its computer hardware in the EU is too similar to its logo.

The European Union General Court in Luxembourg ruled today: “The disputed trademarks have some similarities, but their appearance is very different. It is particularly worth mentioning that Chanel’s trademark curve is more rounded, the lines are thicker, and the direction is horizontal. Yes, and the direction of the Huawei trademark is vertical“.

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In 2017, Huawei applied for EU trademark protection for its logo used for computer hardware. This move was opposed by Chanel, saying that the “two intertwined half-rings” (Huawei’s Logo) are similar to its protected Logo. Chanel’s logo is active for its cosmetics, perfumes, and clothing products.

Regarding the court’s ruling today, there is no official comment from Chanel. For the ruling, Chanel has the right to an appeal. In 2019, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (IPO) rejected Chanel’s challenge, saying that there was no risk of confusion between the two logos.

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Huawei registers the HUAWEI COMBO trademark

Huawei has applied for new registration of the HUAWEI COMBO trademark on April 14. As of now, the status of the trademark status is “processing”. The “Combo” phrase seems close to what a car will use. Opel Automobile already has a Combo car that dates back to 2011. We do not know if it is planning to use this “COMBO” for its car lineup.

HUAWEI COMBO trademark

Nevertheless, the Chinese manufacturer has categorically stated that it will not make cars. However, it will make components that smart car companies will need. The company says that it will not compete with the likes of Xiaomi and Baidu that wants to make cars. Rather, it will cooperate with them to release the perfect smart cars to the market.

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