Toyota will showcase its hydrogen-powered Corolla at Super Taikyu event


Electric vehicles are achieving longer and longer autonomies, however, their charging time can be a problem for some people. Taking a different path, Toyota will take a hydrogen-powered Corolla to one of the most important motorsport events in Japan: the 24-hour Super Taikyu Series.

According to the Hardware Upgrade’s report, the automobile manufacturer will use a racing model from the Corolla family in the event. For those unaware, the Super Taikyu event will take place at the Fuji circuit from May 21st to 23rd. The car will use hydrogen to power a 1.6-liter 3-cylinder turbo combustion engine. The Fukushima hydrogen energy research center will be producing the engine behind the new car.

The Hydrogen-powered Corolla will adopt a system similar to that of the BMW Hydrogen 7. BMW’s vehicle uses gasoline and hydrogen to power its engine. Unfortunately, the Hydrogen 7 project is abandoned due to poor autonomy. The car runs just 100 km consuming 50 liters of fuel due to the low energy density of hydrogen.


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For comparison purposes, the new Tesla models have a range of up to 836 km on a single charge, which certainly arouses the interest of consumers, who can still refuel their cars from home, with just one adapted outlet. Hopefully, Toyota will be able to found a way to bypass this huge limitation. Otherwise, it will need to shift its focus toward common electricity just as other carmakers are doing. We are curious to see the new vehicle during the event. Worth noting that other local carmakers will be attending the event. So you’re an enthusiast of automobile-focused futuristic technology make sure to keep an eye in the Super Taikyu event.

Toyota intends to have a full electric-car portfolio until 2025

Despite its efforts to develop a viable Hydrogen-powered car, Toyota is also doing some efforts in the electric car scene. The carmaker intends to make all of the brand’s automobiles electric by the year 2025. The announcement was made some years ago during a press release in Tokyo. The company states that it is initially targeting the Chinese market. However, it will expand to other locations, such as Japan, India, Europe, and the United States.

To make the idea a reality, Toyota will partner with Panasonic, in battery technology, with an investment of US $ 13.3 billion by 2030. This would include the development of new batteries, which would increase the pace in the creation of new EVs.

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