Here’s what will happen if you don’t accept WhatsApp new policy


WhatsApp has new terms and conditions which users must accept to continue to have seamless access to the app. The company fixed May 15th as a deadline for all users to accept this new policy. However, the relevance of the May 15th date is taking a new dimension. According to WhatsApp’s official website, those who do not accept this condition will continue to receive a notification asking them to accept. If you have seen the reminder notification on WhatsApp before, you will know that it can be really annoying.


According to WhatsApp, users who do not accept will see a persistent reminder for several weeks. The company did not specify the number of weeks that the user will get the notification. However, this is only the first phase of action by the company. After “several weeks” users who do not accept will have to cope with a limited functionality mode.

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WhatsApp will not delete any account

At this point, they will not be able to access their chat list. This means that you can only respond to chats when a message comes in. The user just clicks on the notification and it takes them directly to the specific chat. No more chat list. If there is an incoming video or audio call, users can receive them.

But then, this will not last forever. According to WhatsApp, after a few weeks, all calls and messages will stop. As of now, there is no timeline for the series of events to follow. However, we believe that the company will send notifications before taking any action. The company will not delete or deactivate users’ accounts for this reason. However, the app will be useless after WhatsApp carries out its full plan.

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WhatsApp has been trying to explain to users in clear terms what the new policy means for users. Interestingly, complete policy changes are outlined in the notification. However, it is very common for users to just accept without reading the policy. Nevertheless, WhatsApp policy changes which basically affects business account was initially quite vague. Thus, those who managed to read did not really understand the changes. This is why many users have reservations about accepting the policy changes.

Whether we understand the policy changes or not, it appears that WhatsApp users now have one option. It is either you accept the new WhatsApp policy changes or get a “fried” version of the app at your disposal.

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