Huawei wants HarmonyOS to roll out to third-party devices as quickly as possible


For five years now, Huawei has been working on its own operating system. And, perhaps, the project itself would have continued to be leisurely, if the US sanctions had not forced the company to accelerate and in a short time to do what others have taken years. The launch of the stable version of HarmonyOS will take place in early summer; and the company has very ambitious plans to conquer the market.

So, in one of their interviews with TechRadar, Huawei representatives stated that HarmonyOS was not only created to come to the company’s smartphones, but it could well become an alternative for those devices that now run Android. Moreover, it has been announced that HarmonyOS is available to smartphone manufacturers. This clearly indicates that the company is open for cooperation and is ready to establish contacts with everyone who will be interested in installing its proprietary operating system on devices.

With proper support from the Chinese authorities and partners within this country; HarmonyOS has every chance to go public and quickly gain popularity. Most likely, this is exactly what Huawei is counting on when it says that they want their operating system to occupy 16% of the market in a short period of time this year.

The ease, flexibility and simplicity of optimizing HarmonyOS for a wide variety of gadgets should ultimately encourage third-party manufacturers to pay attention to it and start installing it on their gadgets. The more companies believe in the new operating system; the more rapidly its share and influence on the Chinese market will grow. And, perhaps, in a year or two we will start talking about the fact that a worthy alternative to Android has appeared in China.

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Huawei registers NovaBook and NovaPad trademarks for laptops and tablets

In addition to smartphones, Huawei produces all kinds of electronics, including laptops and tablets. Until recently, both of these categories came out under the Mate brand; but in the near future, they may have a company in the form of a new series.

Based on the filings Huawei has filed with Chinese regulators; the tech giant will soon introduce laptops and tablets under the new brand. We are talking about the NovaBook and NovaPad series, for laptops and tablets, respectively. It will be known later whether the series will add to the existing variety or replace the old ones.

Recall that now Huawei laptops are released in the MateBook series, and tablets – MatePad. Some tablets also come out under the MediaPad brand. The company’s smartphones have a richer nomenclature; they come out in the Mate, Nova, P series (P30, P40, P50, etc.) and others.

We do not know how long it will take before products with new names appear or if they will not appear at all. At the end of 2019, the company already applied for the registration of the Huawei NovaBuds trademark; but even after a year and a half, potential buyers still did not see the corresponding headphones.

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